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Nitin Gokhale has been a multimedia reporter since 1983. He has recently made a transition from being a full-time journalist to becoming an author, media trainer and researcher.

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    A sane voice in the midst of shrill voices. Which professional army of IAS stature would be so shortsighted to neglect the tools of their profession I am sure all the issues were highlighted at appropriate time and were addressed by the govt from time to time.

    If this time also if some Generals have flagged (not red flagged) issues, that were to draw attention of the govt and as brought out in this article, the attention is being given to those things by the govt.

    It is a happy situation that senior officers of Armed forces are putting forward their concerns rather than hiding them and indulging into usual game of “Three bags full” or “All is Well” habit.

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    There is an auto correct error that has crept into my answer. For IAS please read IAs (Indian Army’s)


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