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    Harshad Datar

    The HAL is part of habitual “give unreasonable time line and later keep extending it” brigade which also includes Most DRDO labs and OFs

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    Mr Nitin, while making such an extensive so called research for this article, I am afraid you have not cared to confirm whose project was LCA ? LCA has never been HAL project. They were involved only for productionising the research and development done by the ADA, ADE, NAL and GTRE. Moreover, has any Govt permitted to take procurement actions as liberally like a private sector. no because HAL is a PSU which has to follow the lengthy, slow Govt Purchase Procedure and has to comply to the instructions of the Ministry.Besides this, please note that this is defense and aerospace which is capital and technology intensive industry. So it takes time especially when you are starting from scratch. Sir, I feel one should not try to be an expert in this field unless you have hands on experience of working in HAL like defense and aerospace company. Regards, Subhrajyoti

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    A very biased and miopic point of view presented by the writer.
    Although, the inefficiency of the HAL & DRDO is a well know fact, the IAF is to be blamed equally for the repetitive technical changes demanded by them w.r.t the LCA programme. The defence PSU’s and the IAF need to sit around a table and think about the state of things with respect to the defense production in the country. Blame game is a disease suited to our politicians & the paid media.

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    Slim 999

    There’s definately a great deal to know about this topic.
    I like all the points you’ve made.


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