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Nitin A. Gokhale

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  1. Sanjay kulkarni

    Sanjay kulkarni

    The Chief has only stated that those obstructing the Legitimate military Operations would be treated as overground supporters and treated accordingly. Would the locals not take action against those hooligans who obstruct Doctors from reaching the hospital’s for performing their duties to treat the civilians.

  2. Brig HS Kaura

    A very dispassionate and true analysis of the ground situation . The intellectual amongst politicians (far and few they may be) have to come out clean on this in National interest .

    Army Chief’s statement was very precise , clear and unambiguous in best interest of the National security.

    Jai Hind
    Brigadier HS Kaura

  3. Anil

    I totally agree with the author and the statement of Army Chief. Targeting OGWs or overground workers is a legitimate act in counter terrorist operations. All these pseudo custodians of human rights ( yet not wanting to get on the wrong side of national sentiment), please read about actions of Pak Army in response to shrine blast, killing nearly 100 terrorists, including by using heavy Artillery. Indian Army doesn’t even normally resort to use of automatic small arms. Sure the world hasn’t forgotten how Sri Lanka conducted it’s counter terror operations. Indian Army is professional and are not mercenaries. Don’t demonize them and don’t make the nation weak.

  4. Suhas

    Every sane Indian must support the Army chief for his no-nonsense pragmatic statement. The so called pseudo secularists & human rights defenders with leftist bias always protest since they have nothing concrete to offer to solve the Kashmir problem created by congress in collusion with the British for their own selfish ends. Had Late.Gen.Cariappa been given 24 hrs as requested by the then PM Jawaharlal Nehru often dubbed as ‘architect ‘ of modern India [in my view he has been too much eugolised, and has been the culprit of creating all ills we face today] , this problem would not have cropped up at all. What were the pseudo secularists and human right brigades doing when the Kashmir valley was subjected to ethnic cleansing aka deporting of Pandits, during the 90’s and why were the Congress and National Conference leaders silent at that time? Only a minuscule of present Indian population knows the true history – as to why Jawaharlal Nehru didn’t rush Indian troops when Pakistani army invaded Kashmir valley in 1948 upon frantic calls from Raja Harisingh the then ruler, it was to settle petty personal score, since the Raja had refused permission for a public rally to the former in Jammu, and the result as festering wound we have to bear with even after 70 years of independence

  5. Suhas

    All sane people in India will definitely support the generals no-nonsense pragmatic comments except the pseudo secularists and the leftist human right brigades whose only agenda is false propaganda and helping our enemies. But for the Himalayan blunder of our so called architect of modern India of not giving 24 hrs as requested by Late filed Marshal Cariappa, the Kashmir problem wouldn’t have cropped at all. This along with the petty mindedness of Jawahrlal Nehru in delaying sending army as requested by Raja Harising has cost us enormously financially as well as personally [death of thousands of army men & police personnel]. Since Raja Harising had denied permission for holding a public rally in Jammu to Nehru, the later to show his ego has resulted in a festering wound that still bleeds even after 70 years of independence. The Congress as well as National conference leaders owe a public apology to every countrymen for their botched approach to Kashmir problem just o save their ‘gaddi’ What were the pseudo secularists and leftist humright mongers doing when the whole state of J & K was subjected to systematic ethnic cleaning in the 90’s nobody wants to speak.

  6. Prashant Gupta

    Army Chief is not a politician. He sees situations without coloured glasses. Hence, his statements would be in the interest of Nation. We should not worry about few idiots who are criticising the Chief. Because there only job is to ensure India remains topsy turvy.

  7. Haider Chowdhury

    The Army Chief’s statement is very precise,concise and unambiguous as regard the function of the Army within the four corners of the statute for the protection sovereignty and integrity of motherland which is the prime task of the Armed forces vis- a- vis the political mockery of vested interest to fulfil their survival.

  8. Rakesh Sharma

    It is unfortunate that not only separatists but our main stream political leaders too are criticising gen Rawat’s stern warning.and the reason is just because they are in political opposition.they just forget the apolitical nature of our defence forces. They must remember that this nation is great with great people and will shut their mouth with their power of democracy.so leaders be conscious of what you say.


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