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  1. 1

    Major Samra

    Well, it is pretty hard to believe the Government, Jeitley puts a spoke in every moving wheel, RM may be well meaning but Delhi Darbar and Babus don’t give a damn

  2. 2

    Gurinder Singh

    He track record does not give any confidence to Armed Forces

  3. 3


    The Defence Minister has proved his sincerity many a times despite the best efforts of FM to let him down I wish him all the best God Bless him for his sagacity

  4. 4

    VK Khurana

    So, not one but two new committees to be constituted. What a farce ?? Committee pe committee aur taarikh pe taarikh ?? This tamaasha must stop. Neither this NDA nor the previous UPA government had the will or capability to honour the Koshiyari committee ( which comprised of so many senior members ) recommendations . How many more committees and commissions when the intentions are not just bad but lack any conviction ??The political leadership and the bureaucrats are downright dishonest and not trustworthy except to approve their own pay , allowances and pensions. So short-sighted persons holding the destiny of the nation !! Shudder to conclude my apprehensions.

  5. 5


    In the first instance a situation should not have arisen wherein the service chiefs had to with hold the implementation of SPC. Past experience is very clear that anomalies committee is an instrument to delay , differ and shuttle and pass the buck to next pay commission. There were some major anomalies in sixth pay commission also where the Joint chief of staff then Admiral Metha who pointed out the major anomalies and refused to implement the recommendations was forced by MOD to implement. He struck to his guns and finally met the PM who intervened and resolved the major issue. Every time the bureaucrats who are enemies within the country for the Armed Forces have been playing mischief which the political boss had side stepped. Had the political bosses held these mischief mongering bureaucrats accountable and punished them then these sort of repetition wound not arise. The service chiefs should not buckle down and allow the bureaucrats to fire guns from the shoulder of political bosses and ensure that it recoils on them.

  6. 6


    i would add by saying,it is like ‘ GLUCOSE DRIP ‘ to one who had given up hopes,due to negative stance taken by BUREAUCRATS for past 70 odd years.
    major ravi joshi,Pune.

  7. 7


    The assurance by the hon’able RM are well taken but he has to cut the babus out of this issue else nothing will come out of the anomalies committee as well. Can’t be optimistic about the FM and PM

  8. 8


    Sir its all fine reading.When everyone in Central Govt including the Defence Civilians have received the 7 cpc pay and pensions ,its not easy for the Military pers both serving and retired to sit quietly waiting for the resolution.
    Also the waiving 33 years service for full pension for Military press retired prior to 01 Jan 2006 is yet to be notified.
    These delays are adversely affecting the morale of the veterans.Lt Col Tapan Dattoo (Retd)

  9. 9

    Satyanarayana Rout

    What about our DL-33 arrears? When it will paid?

  10. 10


    I have seen since my childhood how the wily babus have systematically occupied all positions of power and have now become the monster Lord to preside over all functions of governance/administration even in matters most technical or professional. A babu ( DC ) in a district presides over education, foodsup, health delivery, electricity sup, buildings /roads,urban development, social welfare, elections, and what not. He dictates to heads of all these services be they engineers or doctors or other professionals with nearly three decades of work experience and in senior ranks. The best part is, he is not answerable to anyone. At the state level the secretaries have assumed all the powers of the department heads/ directors without shouldering their responsibilities.
    Now, they are eyeing the coveted legal services and armed forces, having already negotiated police services and other home ministry fauns. Their aims are far too high for us to know. And their weapons ……brains. Period. Diplomacy is not the only subject in their course,they use all …’Saam, Daam, Dand ,Bhed. They already have Security zAdvisor why would they have CDS. It is all systematically programmed well into future. God save Bharat.

  11. 11


    All the four anomalies are most important. The fourth one with respect to dis ability pension of Lt Gen and Joint Secy which is Rs27,000 and 67,000 respectively is a major one.Why this is being left to the committee? Don’t Listen to false promises. Ask DM what he has resolved with PM. When TRIPAS had given presentation as late in July clearly stating that the 7CPC should not be implemented in the present form,now when the cat is out of the bag,DM is now seized of the matter. Foujis are taken for granted.Let us hope for the best.J ai hind

  12. 12

    llaxman rana

    The RM may be a well meaning person but it is difficult to believe him . Probably he has no say in the matter military. We have seen the press briefing by him on O R OP a few months back. As per Gen Satbir Singh who was spearheading the O R OP movement and the media closely monitoring the issue of O R O P, after they all had agreed to a formula an hour back in a meeting , the way the draft for the R M press meeting was changed and the body language(uncomfortable) of the RM and the three Chiefs in the said Press Conference was testimony to it. The RM may have done well as a C M Goa, a state smaller than a district of neighbouring Maharastra and would have looked after the Modi interests well when his ( MODI) name was being propped up as prospective P M with in the B J P in 2013 . So a reward to Mr Parekeras also be bailed out from the problems cropped in GOA and drafted him as R M in the center without any knowledge of Matter Military. Possibly the Modi’s advisers wanted a no too strong R M who could be made to sit down in the second row .Because it suited their interests in power struggle which keeps on going among the politicians all the time. The latest example is the UP where a beloved son of a worthy father who has eight M Ps in his clan , fall apart like pack of cards. It is not good for the nation where three chiefs standing before the R M with swollen faces. Who is the gainer in the ensuing drama , some rivals of Modi and Pareker and the officialdom of the GOI who have always anti services , probably to show their perceived superiority. They want to be always in win win situation. Never know in this drama our friends from across the borders may be playing a hidden role . What can one expect better than a demoralised army of an adversary as some of the military thinkers have expressed. We as a nation want a strong and motivated army . For this the Hon PM , whom we had expected to deliver must come out and resolve the issues on war footing. We hope the P MO is being briefed by people responsible to brief him honestly . It will be good for the nation. It is sad to say though the Congress right from the Nehu era had not looked after the defence forces and degraded them where ever possible but the harm what has been done to them now, during the last two and half years will remain un parallel the history

    1. 12.1

      llaxman rana

      Further to my views expressed earlier we would like to salute Shri Rajnath singh, the H M, for looking after the CAPF and putting them at par with gp A services , a notch ahead of the defence forces. India needs R M who can exert for the people under his command and keep the morale of the forces high.

  13. 13

    Bn jha

    Main moto of orop is defeated if group wise pension is given to jawn n jcos . it sud be done for jawan n jco as it is done for commission officer irrespective of their branches they are getting same pension if rank and length if service is same

  14. 14

    Suresh kumar

    We only only hope good sense prevails on d political masters as their promises and assurances carry little conviction going by past experience.

  15. 15


    Till 5th Pay Commission, the starting basic pay of Major used to be more than that of the Civilian JAG/Dy Secy rank officer.

    However, the 6th and the 7th pay Commissions have depressed the basic pay of Major by 13% & 12%.

  16. 16


    Military service pay should be same for all person in uniform because everyone’s life is equally precious.

  17. 17

    Rajbir Singh Tomar

    Respected & H’able Defence Minister Ji,


    1. I, have transferred to pension establishment wef 30 Apr 2015 on fulfil the terms and condition, after completion of 31 Years & 8 Months of service in the Army. My Basic pension for the Rank of Hony Lt is Rs. 15465/- per month.
    2. It is intimated that the Arrears and Revised Pension @ Rs. 16090/- (Basic) against OROP has been credited in my pension account during the month of Jul 2016, but the same has also been recovered on 30 Aug 2016. I have visited the CPPC Delhi on 01 Sep 2016 to know the reason for the said recoveries. The dealing staff of CPPC Delhi replied that the pensioners whose are retiree after 01 Jul 2014 are not eligible for arrears and revised pension against OROP vide circular No 555 dated 04 Feb 2016.

    3. I want to apprise that arrears and revised pension against OROP to retirees pre 01 Jul 2014 has been released by the CPPC as per circular No 555 dated 04 Feb 2016 and retiree after 04 Feb 2016 are getting the PPO as per revised (Pension) Table of OROP. So,we ask the Govt, what is the guilty of Retirees post 01 Jul 2014, whose are not entitled for the OROP. The retirees post 01 Jul 2014 are getting less pension to pre retiree in the same Rank and same Service, than how can say OROP.

    4. In view of above, all concerned are requested do the needful to issue necessary instruction / direction by the Govt to release the arrears and revised pension against OROP in respect of retirees post 01 Jul 2014 at the earliest.

    with warm Regards,

    From Subedar Major Clerk (SD) and Honorary Capt Rajbir Singh Tomar

  18. 18


    RM’s reply that “notification can only be amended after it is issued” is clear indicator of how cookie crumbles in the GoI! First issue a faulty notification and then amend it! And the in the interim let the officers and men of the military suffer. Wow!

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