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    Another full biased article with zero scientific evidences. just using words tejas far superior, JFT not so good ……
    please provide the technical details before misleading your own people.
    compare jft block 3 with your expected to come tejas 2

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      here are few scientific facts:
      tejas has carbon composite fuselage that has less joints and less susceptibility to wear out. thus more maintainability. also the lack of a all metal airframe like jf17, it may be late inducted but it will far outlive the jf17s after the intended period ofg 25 years. this means , while we will be building amca and pakfa as leading fighters, tejas will be a backbone .

      secondly, block 3 boasts of things like hmds, aerial refuaelling, aesa radar, etc. we already have refuelling and hmds and our next mk1a will have aesa radar.
      look into the images of cockpit in jf17 and tejas. you will not find a single mechanical gadget in tejas but there are mechanical gadgets in jf17 apart from the electronic displays.
      tejas has 8 hard points in contrast to 7 in jf17. that means more weapon payload capacity as in aerial defence targeting pod may not be necessary.
      tejas has better thrust to weight ratio and with a lighter mk1a, this will improve.

      besides it is now a known fcat that in supersonic flight the delta design is far superior . thats why isarelis were so successful in 6 day war. the ortex below the dela wings,, gives them and extra lift and thus shorter take off and landing.
      jf 17 is a good aircraft indeed. but tejas is better. how it fares in combat is a question of tactics on skills of pilots.

      after all these established facts u can judge for urself, but if not convinced , support your statement with facts as well, abiding your own advice!

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    Such complete and utter bullshit. Almost EVERYTHING in the Tejas is foreign and imported, especially the avionic and engines. Even if Pakistan has to get some of the parts from China, it is still cheaper for Pakistan as China is literally at its borders while spares for the Tejas has to be brought in from European countries helping with the project.

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      except the radar , engines and the targeting pod, everything is indian in origin. the hud and mfd belong to csio-cisr and samtel respectively for the pruduction versions. the flight control computers, onboar oxygen generators etc are idian and these are the parts that nobody will help us in! even gripen uses same engine as tejas, it doesnt make it less indigenous. u all say these is from that nation and all, prove it by showing factual proof with hyperlinks to support them . otherise, the rants are absolutely baseless and reeks of jealousy

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      Dude..Get your facts right….The avionics in Tejas is completely indian….Even the codes required for FBW technology was developed by indian scientists when the whole west desisted from providing the technology to indians…Google down (Baring pakistani sites) and you will get the facts. Yes the negine is american since our own engine failed during developmental stage and we dont have any qualms in accepting that. If you are in for an argument then get you facts right and come out.

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    General Electronics engine?


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