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The landmark event during the last one month or so was the DefExpo 2016 at Goa. Belying all reports to the contrary, the DefExpo, at its new venue in southern Goa, proved to be a resounding success. With close to 50 countries and over 1000 companies participating; informative seminars and visits by the Raksha Mantri, senior defence officials, apex corporate leadership; a host of foreign delegations, their ambassadors in India and Defence Attaches and finally a tide of Goans on the day the curtains came down, went along for DefExpo 2016 to break most records set in its eight previous versions.

The DefExpo also witnessed the signing of MoUs and launching of joint ventures between a substantial number of Indian and foreign companies. The technological thresholds achieved by Indian companies in a variety of areas were on display through the equipment in their respective booths. BharatShakti team was at Goa in full strength. We covered news worthy picks, interviews of corporate leadership and a few incisive Opinion pieces. At the venue, we also recorded the bytes of industry leaders. You will find it all in our archives.

During the DefExpo the Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 (first five chapters) was released. BharatShakti obtained the opinion of stakeholders on DPP 2016. Some of these opinions are recorded in the videos that we have shot and continue to be hosted on our website. The preponderant echo that reverberates from the sound bytes we received was that DPP 2016 was a path-breaking document. It provides the wherewithal to the military-bureaucratic leadership to steer the acquisition process forward for military modernization, smoothly. There are areas where our interviewees expressed skepticism, e.g., the redefined Offsets Policy, the new IDDM category, the yet to be made public Strategic Partnership model and such like issues. However, by and large DPP 2016 has got the thumbs up.

In our last newsletter, I had apprised you of DIIA's inaugural conclave being a grand success. The Raksha Mantri had initiated the proceedings with a Q&A session. The entire proceedings of the conference were videographed by us and the edited versions have now been uploaded on our website.

We have also brought in a few changes in our website. The MoD Corner has been replaced by Editor's Pick. Articles on issues of substance that have a bearing on global stability and the defence industry will be hosted in this slot. We have also been trying to update the RFI/EOI/RFP pages with at least the more important ones floated.

We look forward to adding more value to the website as we go along and provide you with information and analysis on subjects of import to the Indian Defence Industry.



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DEF EXPO 2016 (April 28-31, 2016)

Team BharatShakti was at Goa in full strength. We covered news worthy events (Reliance Advanced Defence Systems and Rafael of Israel launch Joint Venture), interviews of corporate leadership (Tata Motors' Vernon Noronha on the DefExpo, DPP & the future) and a few incisive Opinion pieces (Detailed below). At the venue, we also recorded interviews of industry leaders who are stakeholders on the DPP 2016 that was announced. You can find the videos at Def Expo Speak and on our YouTube channel, BharatShakti.



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L&T is well poised to indigenously build & integrate weapon delivery systems across Navy's ship-building programmes; new norms on offsets will help build Defence Industrial Base: J D Patil

The BharatShakti team comprising Founder Nitin A Gokhale and Editor-in-Chief S K Chatterji interviewed Mr J D Patil, Sr VP, Head - Defence & Aerospace, Larsen & Toubro. L&T has been a major player in the area of defence equipment development and manufacture for decades. The major issues discussed included naval, air and land based platforms on which the company has been working. The frank and open interview was presented in 2 parts.

PART 1   |   PART 2
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DRDO Mission Mode projects are the pivot for Make in India programme: Dr S Christopher, DG DRDO

The interview goes into the details of DRDO's success and missed timelines. It starts with an insight into why DRDO seemingly misses its delivery schedules. Dr. S Christopher explains the effect of technology denial and our protracted trial schedules, among other reasons. To DRDO's credit, as the Director General refers to, are numerous success stories like Akash, Tejas, torpedo defence system and other armaments that are part of the inventory DRDO, as stated by the Director General, is committed to 'Make in India'. Simultaneous with Make in India, he assures that the organization has been and would support MSMEs as the nation embarks on a major modernization drive of its armed forces. Read More...
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M777 offset proposal envisages developing opportunities for 30-40 Indian defence suppliers: Dr. Joe Senftle, BAE Systems

Dr. Joe Senftle of BAE Systems answers a whole range of questions on the M777 Lightweight 155mm Howitzers that the Indian government is pursuing through the FMS route with the US Government. A product of BAE Systems, the howitzer is already in service with a few armies and should the deal come to fruition, the 145 pieces to be contracted would be the first lot of guns to be imported after the Bofors scandal rocked the nation three decades back. Read More...
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We need technology and equipment for our soldiers to stop infiltration: Lt Gen Subrata Saha, DCOAS (P&S)

The interview of Lt Gen Subrata Saha, Deputy Chief of Army Staff (DCOAS) (P&S) starts with his response that confirms the commitment of the Indian Army to indigenisation of the equipment inventory of the Indian Army. The DCOAS elucidates the various categories of purchase and how modernisation and indigenisation can be harmonised. He also responds to specialised requirements in counter insurgency operations and in extreme high altitude areas of Siachin and a possible role in it for the domestic Indian Defence Industry. Read More...
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MoD should further open up exports of defense products, says Dr V Padmanavan of Cyient

CYIENT is a technology driven company in the aerospace product engineering sector with a distinctive focus on supporting Indian initiatives in the additive engineering sector. Their product range include dual transmitter and receiver module, aircraft interiors and printed circuit boards. CYIENT intends taking the advantages that accrue from DPP 2016 for a greater presence in the India Defence Sector. They also expect further improvement in doing business in India. Read More...


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Defence Procurement Procedure 2016: Work still in progress

Amit Cowshish wrote for us an in-depth analysis of the defence procurement procedure that was released on the first day of the Def Expo, 28th March 2016. He says, "The entire 'Make in India' buzz notwithstanding, India will have to continue to depend on transfer of technology from FOEMs for meeting the requirement of the armed forces for quite some time. The 'Buy and Make (Indian)' and 'Buy and Make' categories were designed for this purpose". Read More...


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Towards an Empowered Acquisition Structure
By Col Vikram Taneja

Col Vikram Taneja's article focuses on the weaker areas in the defence acquisition framework. He sub-divides the acquisition process into four phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure. Having explained all the phases he dwells on the programme management aspect that must ensure that the envisaged acquisition plan is achieved within the specified schedules, costs and quality of deliverables. Read More...
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Unlocking the Legacy of the Ordnance Factories
By Brig Sunil Gokhale (Retd)

Brig Suni Gokhale's article examines the functioning of Ordnance Factories (OF) to arrive at the causes for shortcomings that have not been attended too adequately, in the past. He suggests that the Government abide by the recommendations of the Kelkar Committee, largely, and revitalize the OFs. The article flags a few reforms that need to be pursued and also suggests that the huge assets of some OFs, especially in terms of land holdings, be taken into account and utilsied for generating funds required for investments to modernize and build capacities. Read More...
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Energy from Gas and Trans-National Gas Pipelines: The Indian Context
By Maj Gen D K Jamwal (Retd)

The article identifies India's utilisation of various natural and renewable resources in percentage terms and identifies the major sources of dependence for its energy needs. Domestic availability is taken into account and the indicators leave no doubt that crude cannot continue in its overriding position in being among the prime resources. The article continues to examine the probability of gas being a substitute and evaluates the various pipeline projects that India is pursuing to ensure energy security. Read More...
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Def Expo 2016: A steep Curve in the Learning Process
By Brig Sunil Gokhale (Retd)

The author opines: "Notwithstanding the impressive figures of attendance and participation, the dominance of the multinational and large domestic industrial houses including PSUs was clearly evident as compared to the participation of the MSMEs. There is therefore definitely a case to increase the participation of the MSMEs in order to showcase their technical skills and accomplishments, especially those who are capable of becoming vendors to the large defence sector companies, the ultimate integrators of weapon systems". Read More...
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Engage but don't get into tight embrace with the US
By Nitin A Gokhale

In a blog for ABP Live, BharatShakti.in founder, Nitin A Gokhale sets the tone for US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carte's visit to India. "Carter comes to India on the back of reputation as the most India-friendly head of the Pentagon in recent years", he says, and he will seek to get a reluctant India on-board a wider security compact that the US aspires to build as a hedge against an increasingly assertive China in the region. Read More...
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