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It's been a turbulent month since we published the last newsletter. At the top of the chart in terms incidents that shook us all, was the Chemical attack on the rebel held small township of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib, Syria. As per the Americans and those aligned to them, Syrian aircrafts took off from Shayrat airbase and dropped the Sarin bomb. As per the Russians, rebel forces holding Khan Sheikhoun had a chemical arsenal which was hit during a Syrian air attack leading to the Sarin bomb being activated.

The Chinese PM was in US on a visit and was dining with President Trump when 59 Tomahawks left the decks of their mother ships in the Red Sea to flatten Sha yrat Airbase. As they flew, they generated a few pertinent messages about Trump's foreign policy and employment of American resources, globally.

Much of the so called Trump - Putin relationship has since been trashed. Russians are exactly where they were in Obama's perceptions. The rift between them and the Americans has hardly ever been more pronounced.

The Tomahawks also delivered a stern message to North Korea. How far will the North Koreans push the envelope, is yet to be seen.

The Bangladesh PM Begum Hasina was in Delhi for a state visit. The bigger issues of Defence Agreement with India and a Teesta Water Sharing Agreement didn't materialise, however, there is still a lot to cheer. PM Modi's big gesture was opening a $5 billion line of credit for Bangladesh. A total of 13 deals and 24 MoUs were signed during the visit. Bangladesh will elect its new Jatiyo Sangshad in 2018. It's in our interests that she wins and continues with her anti terrorism policies.

Amongst other important news is the issue of Kulbhusan Jadhav being sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan. The individual, a businessman essentially, who has been a naval officer earlier, has been treated as a spy by Pakistan. Meanwhile, another twist has been added to the story with a retired Pakistani Lt Col missing in Nepal. On both sides, the knives are out. Hopefully, Jadhav will return home to his family and friends shortly.

As far as modernisation of the Indian armed forces is concerned, the Navy has decided to go in for three more Scorpene class submarines. Apparently, K9 155mm Howitzers order to L&T is also through. The deal for Kamov helicopters being manufactured in India is yet to progress enough to have the Russians and Indians signing on the dotted lines.

India has signed a mega agreement for an advanced defence system of medium-range surface-to-air missiles, launchers and communications technology, with the state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries. The Indian PM is also scheduled to visit Israel in July, 2018.

As we go into print, there are reports of the North Korean missile test having failed. The regime seems to be preparing for a nuclear test, though. Meanwhile two US aircraft carriers are stationed strategically, keeping open all available options open.

We have added to our policy page two more documents of interest to the defence industry. These are the Army Design Bureau's Future Core Technologies and Problem Statements, and also Compendium Problem Statement Vol II. You will certainly find both documents most comprehensive and useful.

» Future Core Technologies and Problem Statements

» Compendium Problem Statement Vol II

We will continue to provide you with more information and analysis on issues of import to the Indian Defence Industry. Do make our site a daily habit.



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