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The past one month has been loaded with expectations as far as the Indian Defence Industry is concerned. Both OEMs and MSMEs have been awaiting the notification of the unfinished chapters and appendices of the Defence Procurement Procedure - 2016. However, apparently the final touches to the document are yet to be given. Hopefully, we shall get to view the full document, this month.

We had run an interview of the Defence Minister when we had launched our website a few months back and we thought it was prudent to give our readers an update on government policies, priorities and thrusts. Our founder, Nitin Gokhale was able to convince the Defence Minister to provide inputs. BharatShakti.in hosted the interview in both the video and web format for our readers. We have received very enthusiastic responses from our readers for the coverage. Both formats remain in our archives for our viewers to access at their convenience. The links are also given below, in the detailed section of our publications.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has been in the news for some time, especially with the possibility of manufacturing the Russian Kamov helicopters at its premises. To update our readers, Nitin Gokhale interviewed the CMD, HAL. In an in-depth interaction, the CMD provided an insight into HAL's current focus and future thrusts. With the feasibility of Tejas finding a market abroad, he had enough to say for our readers.

As a nation we have been land centric in our threat perception for too long. However, with a large standing army and a mountain strike corps in the making, the threat can definitely be absorbed. Our focus has shifted seawards and our opinion pieces and news selection would have got our readers to shift gaze southwards to Indian Ocean and South China Sea where the power plays of 21st Century could easily keep the waters boiling. We will keep you updated both by hosting news features that cover the goings on and Opinions/ commentaries that analyse the global shift.

We will ofcourse update you on news of relevance to the industry. I would also suggest that you visit our RFI/EOI/RFP pages. There is a host of business information we periodically update that could be of relevance to you.

We look forward to adding more value to the website as we go along and provide you with information and analysis on subjects of import to the Indian Defence Industry.




Image article 1
The Defence Ministry has started working: Manohar Parrikar

India's Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar found time to sit down with our founder Nitin A. Gokhale to review the performance of the Ministry of Defence over the past two years and particular during his own 18-month stint.

Image article 1
HAL plans to double LCA production soon, says CMD

Justifiably on a high, with Tejas having flown magnificently at the International Air Show at Bahrin, T Suvarna Raju CMD, HAL answers a wide range of questions starting with the Light Combat Aircraft, as also HAL's range of helicopters for the armed forces. He also elucidates on issues related to HAL's human resources and steps to keep productivity high within the organization. Read More...


Image article 1
Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA): Advantage India?
By Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Retired)

What needs to be seen is how important is LSA for the actualisation of DTTI which US and India are pursuing jointly. How will it facilitate the Make in India technical and logistics support for systems and platforms which may be manufactured in India in the future with US transfer of technology eg ., the aircraft carrier technology. Read More...
Opinion article 2
Fast Tracking Defence Procurements
By Amit Cowshish

There is something quite inexplicable about management of capital budget allocated to the armed forces. As a result, despite spending more than 5 lakh crore between 2002-03 and 2015-16, critical gaps in military capability persist. The focus is more on spending the money rather than the nature of outcomes, often without satisfactory results on either of the two counts. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Capacity Building in the Andamans: Am Imperative Now
By Maj Gen Alok Deb (Retired)

The Indian Ocean and South China Sea are pivotal for global shipping. For the major economies in the Asia-Pacific, the lifeline for their energy raw material requirements passes through these waters. China's belligerency in the South China Sea has led to countries in the region coming together to ensure these international waters remaining free for transit of all shipping irrespective of the flags they fly. The US has also been most apprehensive about Chinese long term objectives. The author identifies the Indian islands of Andamans & Nicobar being crucial to ensuring stability in the region and argues in favour of enhancing Indian capabilities in these territories. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Procurement Executive of India
By Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur (Retired)

"At present, in fact all these past seven decades, who in the Government has been mandated to equip India's war fighter? If the Government can answer this question, the problem would be solved!! Has it been the Defence Secretary or was it the DG Acquisition? Or have the Service Chiefs, who have no financial and administrative powers, somehow been responsible, for it is they who are most vocal about the deficiencies? Ever heard a non-uniformed government official speaking and ruing the poor state of defence procurement?" Read More...
Opinion article 1
India and Vietnam: Going Beyond Brahmos
By Nitin A Gokhale (First published in ABPLive.in)

"All indications now point to the fact that New Delhi has overcome its reservations and dare one say, fear about annoying China in supplying the cruise missile to Vietnam. After years of hesitation and obfuscation, South Block is now set to move forward in finalising the sale of Brahmos missiles to Vietnam. Apparently, co-developers of the missiles, the Russians have also agreed to proposal in principle. While the actual delivery is some distance away, the very fact that India is now openly talking about exporting weapons platforms to friendly countries is in itself a paradigm shift. So far, the squeamish Congress-era decision-makers shied away even from talking about such a possibility". Read More...
Opinion article 1
Private Security Sector: Force Multiplier in India's Internal Security
By Maj Gen D K Jamwal (Retired)

At 7 million, the Private Security Sector is double the strength of all our security forces put together. It's a huge resource that can boost our internal security capabilities to start with, and even be of help to the armed forces, should we adopt the US model in Afghanistan or Iraq, someday. However, the General writes, that they need to be properly trained and suitably equipped to be the eyes and ears of our police forces, as a first step. Read More...
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