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The month gone past has been tumultuous. The issue that had the whole world riveted to it was Britishers opting out of EU. The waves that it created affected a host of areas starting with the stock markets, possibility of Scotland leaving UK and London looking at independent status, and of course the very future of EU. In terms of implications on EU's defence capabilities, given the fact of Russians displaying greater aggression than they have ever displayed since the breakdown of the Soviet Union, it is under a cloud. EU states are committed to spend two percent of their GDP on defence, with UK being one among the few members abiding by it. However, the recent announcement by EU of GBP 6 billion enhanced spending on defence, possibly reflects the commitment of its members to defence preparedness.

Vying for media space in the Indian context was our inability to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. Our entry into the MTCR provided some sweetener of course, in addition to opening broader avenues for technology access and arms export. Notwithstanding the fact that we lost the round to China at Seoul, there is another scheduled NSG meet this year to push the agenda through with US backing. Membership into MTCR also gives us a leveraging advantage with the Chinese not yet being allowed in to the regime. What was heartening in the whole exercise was the display of pro-active diplomacy by our Foreign Ministry.

For the Air Force and all the 'women who have it in them', it's been a celebration of women empowerment. Bhawana, Avani and Mohana won their wings and are today the first three women fighter pilots of the Indian Air Force. BharatShakti congratulates IAF and these young fliers. We celebrated their achievements by hosting a picture gallery and their profiles at: Women Flight Cadets undergoing training for commissioning in Fighter Stream of Flying Branch, IAF.

We also ran an exclusive on Lena Gillstrom, MD, Weapon Systems, BAE Systems, a woman who has made it big in the male dominated defence industry.

The IAF made news again with the induction of Tejas as a part of an old and renowned Squadron the Flying Daggers. HAL will be able to get the squadron to its full strength by 2018, and till then the Squadron will remain stationed at Bengaluru. Flying Daggers had shot down a Pakistan Navy Atlantique, a long range maritime patrol aircraft, with 16 people aboard on 10 August, 1999 for having crossed over into Indian airspace in the aftermath of the Kargil conflict Read More...

Meanwhile, the Army has reasons to cheer with the Defence Acquisition Council clearing the production of Dhanush 155mm Howitzers. However, the grey clouds are not too far, with the Army holding only 15 days ammunition as its war wastage reserves. The Defence Minister's statements reflect a rather confident stance that he has a grip on the issue and will resolve it in a few years. However, with the Rafale deal forever eluding and no deal as yet signed for the M777 Ultra Light Howitzers, the Minister's assertions do not address apprehensions of the strategic community, adequately.

We will keep you updated both by hosting news features that cover the goings on and Opinions/ commentaries that analyse the global shift.

We will of course update you on news of relevance to the industry. I would also suggest that you visit our RFI/EOI/RFP pages. There is a host of business information we periodically update that could be of relevance to you.

We look forward to adding more value to the website as we go along and provide you with information and analysis on subjects of import to the Indian Defence Industry.




Image article 1
Lena Gillstrom: A Trendsetter in Defence Industry
By Neelanjana Banerjee

Lena Gillstrom is Managing Director of Weapons Systems, Sweden for BAE Systems. She is one of the few women who have made it to the top of a defence company hierarchy. However, while speaking to her, it becomes evident that it never occurred to her that gender could ever be a deterrent in achieving her goals. She says her ability to listen to others, to be humble and be focused on finding solutions has ensured she is taken seriously. Read More...


Image article 1
DPP 2016: Salient Features and what distinguishes it from DPP 2013
By Brig Anjum Shahab (Retd)

The new Defence Procurement Procedure 2016 has been received with enthusiasm by the Indian Defence Industry. Brig Anjum Shahab elaborates the changes made in the DPP 2016, keeping the policies as dictated by the 2013 edition of the document as the basis of comparison. He goes on to give his assessment of the new DPP in certain areas and also amplifies the new clauses that have been incorporated. Read More...
Opinion article 2
US - India Defence Ties: Roads and Bridges
By Richard M Rossow

The visit to Washington, DC by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in June 2016 was meant to bring pending deals to closure where possible, and also to build bridges that will last into the next U.S. administration. In no area of cooperation has progress been more evident than in defense and security ties. Despite the fact that this visit came close on the heels of U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's visit to India in April, the two governments managed to line up a new set of deliverables and articulate a new set of shared security objectives. Read More...
Opinion article 3
User Needs and Concerns for Ship and Surface Launched Weapons
By Vice Admiral Pradeep Chauhan (Retired)

The opportunities for the Indian Defence Industry to manufacture specialist ammunition for the armed forces are gradually opening up. It's an area that promises high profitability as also continuity in terms of recurrent purchase orders. However, user end issues and apprehensions need to be fully understood by the manufacturers, early in the day, to provide ammunition to correct specifications in the Indian context. The author elaborates on the user needs that the Navy would in all probability impose, and manufacturers would require to abide by. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Make In India - Defence Manufacturing: How Defence Procurement Policy (DPP) 2016 Helps
By Brig Sunil Gokhale (Retd)

A sea change has been witnessed in the functioning of the Defence Ministry for some time, now. The best reflection of the changed environment is the new Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016. Brig Sunil Gokhale analyses the new parameters that DPP 2016 enunciates and is of the opinion that the Indian Defence Industry has a level playing field now to conduct its business now. There are improvements possible and unfinished jobs yet like defining the Strategic Partnership model. Hopefully, these will be addressed, shortly. The author sums up his assessments by suggesting catalysts to boost defence production. Read More...
Opinion article 1
Cutting the Flab and Integrated Theatre Commands
By Maj Gen Alok Deb (Retired)

The author defines a synergising relationship between the two requirements that the forces are grappling with today: integration of the three services to optimise combat potential and shedding the flab that each one carries. He defines various areas where such flab can be reduced and the promise that integrated theatre commands hold out. Such integration has been difficult in all countries that have pursued the objective, and only a top down approach has a chance of success, in the General's view. Read More...
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