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At BharatShakti.in we started a new venture this month. With the support of the Department of Defence Production, MoD we undertook a series of conclaves to be run pan-India to promote Indigenization of defence equipment and enhancing MSME participation. The first edition of the National MSME Defence Conclave was run at Belgaum on 03 – 04 July, 2018. Our partners at Belgaum was the DPCA, Belagavi, the leading industry body in the city.

The conclave was addressed by Mr Pradeep Gupta OSD, DDP, MoD. The other speakers included Nitin Gokhale, Mr Ram Bhandare, Chairman Foundry Association, Belgaum, Maj Gen KN Mirji Advisor, DPAC, Belagavi. The first technical session was Chaired by Brig SK Chatterji (Retd) and had in all 11 representatives of DPSUs, OFB, DGQA and DAQA. The 2nd technical session had a representativeeach from Boeing, Lockheed Martin and L&T.

Both sessions proved extremely useful for the participants. MSMEs of Belgaum were present in large strength and interacted with the speakers both during the conclave and thereafter while visiting kiosks of various establishments. On 4 July, 2018 a visit to local industries was organized for representatives of all establishments to showcase Belgaum's potential.

The format adopted for the conclave proved to be a big success. Belgaum had perhaps not hosted such a power packed event focused on MSMEs, in the recent past. A feedback report has already been sent to the MoD. The MoD if following up with a meet shortly to monitor progress.

This newsletter also provides you the link to certain very pertinent issues on which our contributors have written. Some of these are a must for professionals in the defence field. A few of these are appended beneath.

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I would also request you to visit our Issue Briefs pages. We have started gathering material that ould give you a balanced view on contemporary issues of concern.

That's all from my table today. Do make BharatShakti.in a habit.


Opinion article 1
Assumption Island Agreement Yet to Crystalise
Parul Chandra

There is a race on in the Indian Ocean between the Chinese and the Indians to extend influence and create assets that could serve the two countries in extending their geo-political objectives. The Assumption Island agreement between Indian and Seychelles appeared to be a done deal at one stage, however domestic compulsions of the Seychelles has brought in a degree of uncertainty. The author provides an update in her article. Read More...
Image article 1
Korean Update and a Bit of Crystal Ball Gazing
Col RN Ghosh Dastidar (Retd)

The Korean peninsula is in a turbulent mode. Talks, no talks, talks; even otherwise a degree of uncertainty prevails in very many areas concerning the North Koreans. There are the expected differences in opinions of various stakeholders like Japan, China, South Korea. The North Korean President has his reasons to feel insecure. The author provides a background and then talks stock of the bigger issues that could influence the outcome of the talks. Read More...
Image article 1
Cooperation and Competition: India and China Re-Calibrate Their Ties
Nitin A. Gokhale

It was no surprise therefore to see that in less than two months after the 'informal' Wuhan summit, the India-China relationship is showing signs of an upswing, thanks to pragmatism shown at the highest level. Meeting at Qingdao on the side lines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit, both Modi and Xi have sought to build on the momentum they generated at Wuhan by signing two important bilateral agreements-one on sharing data on the Brahmaputra and the other to allow export of Indian non-Basmati rice to China. Read More...
Image article 1
Defence Exports: An Opportunity; With Pre-Requisites
Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

The recently released Draft Defence Production Policy 2018 aims to export defence goods and services worth 5 Bn USD approximately by 2025. After this one heard that the Raksha Mantri had summoned all our Defence Attaches to Delhi and instructed them to create markets for Defence exports abroad. For the first time in our history our Government is attempting defence-related exports. It is a major policy shift and a positive beginning. The follow through after the initial flurry needs logical sustenance. The various factors and issues which come into play need thought before one embarks wholeheartedly on defence related ex-ports. Read More...
Image article 1
The Russian Roulette - Putin-Modi- Xi Summits
Ambassador Anil Trigunayat

Indo-Russian relationship has a long history of being mutually supportive. India's current improved relations with USA; the Russians getting closer to Pakistan and China has diluted the mutual trust between the countries. Global issues have also affected the relations. The Indian insistence on purchasing some top of the shelf military systems has not found favour with the Americans. Russians are as such reeling under sanctions and it's possible that we will also come within the purview of some American sanctions, should we go ahead with the purchases. The author analyses the situation in the current context and brings in the Chinese dimension also, in his discourse. Read More...
Image article 1
Are We Ready Across the Himalayas?
Lt Gen PR Shankar (Retd)

Could we encounter a situation when China and India get into a full-fledged war once again. Unlikely, argues the General in his rather detailed analysis of the two countries' capabilities and military build up. However, that does not rule out confrontation between the two nations below the threshold of an all-out conflict. The article examines the possibilities of conflict between the two rising powers and offers a reality check of our capabilities. Read More...
Image article 1
Transforming Military Academies to an Annual Intake and Academic Cycle
R Adm Sudarshan Y Shrikhande, IN (Retd)

The author suggests that there is a strong case for transiting from a six- monthly intake system to an annual system. The advantages could primarily be qualitative, because more time and energy can be given to the core academic curriculum and the military subjects, as well. Besides, it could save money, human resources and time devoted to the myriad activities of the induction process nation-wide as well as reducing the time spent on passing- out- parades and other activities in the academies itself. The example of the Navy's experiment of 25 years for its engineers is referred to by the author. The author feels that cumulative savings in revenue budgets by more careful consideration of processes could be significant. Read More...
Image article 1
Chinese Threat: A Reality Check
Lt Gen P R Shankar (RETD)

Force structuring is an outflow of the national interests of the nation combined with the military threats it faces. In the Indian context, we face threats from Pakistan and China. Four conflicts with Pakistan and more than three decades of hybrid war with them has given us a clear view of the threat we can expect from Pakistan. To that extent, it is quite transparent. On the other hand, the threat from China is a fast-growing and more potent one. However, there is lack of clarity on how it will manifest itself. What will be the considerations which will force China into a major conflict with India? Will it ever do so? The author has examined the issues in depth in his article. Read More...


Exclusive article 1
India Bats for Open and Inclusive Indo-Pacific
Nitin A Gokhale

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not disappoint the vast gathering of defence ministers, stra-tegic thinkers and the world media assembled in Singapore for the 17th Shangri La dialogue. Almost every-one expected a blueprint for the future of Indo-Pacific region from the Indian Prime Minister and that's ex-actly what he did in the 35-minute keynote address to the prestigious conference. He advocated a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific-that vast expanse stretching from the east coast of Africa to Western Pacific-based on rules and norms. Read More...
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