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Delhi experienced torrential rains in August, 2016. The deluge often washed away a lot of events. At BharatShakti we were more fortunate. It was a bright and clear morning when we introduced a new event in the Capital's calendar. The first conclave of Foreign Defence Attaches stationed at Delhi was conducted on 26 August at the Manekshaw Centre. Our co-hosts were the HQ Integrated Defence Staff. Over 60 attaches from over 40 nations graced the occasion. The Defence Minister, concerned bureaucrats and advisors to the Government, corporate leaders of both global and Indian companies attended the conclave. The theme for the day was: 'Enhancing Defence Capabilities through Cooperation'. Details of the sessions are given in our special events section beneath.

The big news of the month was the France based defence technology giant DCNS being put in the dock by the leak of almost 22,400 documents about its submarine projects. DCNS is our major partner in submarine building. The Indian government had selected DCNS as its partner for building six Scorpene class submarines. The first one, INS Kalvari has already been on sea trials. The second and the third are undergoing system integration. Mazgaon Docks Limited plans to deliver one submarine every six months or so.

Obviously, a close assessment of the damage caused by the leaks needs to be undertaken. However, there is no reason to panic, though. Weapon parameters, details of electronics on board, stealth aspects are no doubt crucial, but there are technological answers which are surely going to be weighed once damage assessment is completed. Meanwhile, DCNS needs to be very transparent with our appointed agencies as it investigates the issues.

The Indian Army launched its Army Design Bureau on 1 September, 2016 with the primary objective of boosting indigenous defence production. As far as acquisitions go, notwithstanding the pace of according Acceptance of Necessity, major projects remain choked in the pipeline. Rafel aircraft deal retains its speculative status, while the deal for light howitzers M 777 of BAE Systems has not been sealed, either. L&T is yet to get the final nod for 155 mm K9 Vazra T Howitzers, too.

The big event in progress is the G 20 Summit being hosted by the Chinese. An evaluation of what it achieved is yet not possible. We will run a few articles on it once the event is completed, for your benefit.

We look forward to providing you with more information and analysis of import to the Indian Defence Industry.

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Defence Attaches' Conclave on Enhancing Defence Capabilities through Cooperation

BharatShakti.in, in association with HQ Integrated Defence Staff, organised a unique Foreign Defence Attaches conclave, the first of its type in New Delhi. The joint exercise, held in the capital on 26 August 2016, explored the theme in an engaging and interactive manner. We were able to assemble, under a single roof, our political leadership, foreign defence attaches, military leadership, corporate leaders, members of the strategic community, distinguished delegates and defence experts.

The agenda was set by Nitin A Gokhale and the Officiating CISC, Air Marshal Ajit S Bhonsle. In his interactive session the, Defence Minister Manohar Parrrikar lauded the effort and fielded all questions with informative and transparent responses.
Post the Defence Minister's interactive session the agenda allowed for three Technical Sessions:

The 1st Session's theme focused on Showcasing Indigenous Defence Capabilities. It was chaired by Lt. Gen Subrata Saha, Dy Chief of the Indian Army. Panelists included representatives of leading defence industries, who spoke about the Indian Defence Industry's current status both in terms of technology and manufacturing capabilities. Among the panelists was Mr. Shambhu S Kumaran, Jt Secy, (Planning & International Cooperation) Ministry of Defence, who dwelt upon government policies governing defence production and exports.

Image article 1
Showcasing Indigenous Defence Capabilities
The next session addressed the issue of: Showcasing Defence Capabilities of Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) and Leading Indian Defence Companies. It was chaired by Air Marshal Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria, Deputy Chief of Staff, Indian Air Force. The apex leadership of BEL, BDL and L&T shared their thoughts during the session.

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Showcasing Defence Capabilities of Defence Public Sector Undertakings (DPSUs) and Leading Indian Defence Companies
The final technical session dwelt on: Cooperation with Foreign Defence Companies and was chaired by V Adm A K Chawla, Chief of Personnel, Indian Navy. Representatives from Airbus, Thales, BAE Systems spoke at the session. Dr G Satheesh Reddy, Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, also elucidated what India has to offer to the world.

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Cooperation with Foreign Defence Companies
The man at the helm of affairs of defence production, Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta, Secy, Dept of Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, delivered the Valedictory speech.

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The man at the helm of affairs of defence production
The event was a grand success and we intend making it an annual affair.


Image article 1
Implications of Permanent Court of Arbitration Award on the South China Sea Dispute
Maj Gen P K Chakravorty (Retd)

The award by the Permanent Court of Arbitration against the Chinese in the South China Sea (SCS) case that Philippines had initiated, has been received with much enthusiasm even beyond the SCS rim countries. Though there is a need to consider historical evidence of similar practices as reclaiming of islands and building of assets like runways that have military implications by other countries in the region, to claim almost the entire SCS as its own is not an argument that anybody other than the Chinese would subscribe to. Maj Gen PK Chakravorty factually presents the role of most parties that are claimants to SCS islands, and then goes on to suggest a way ahead. Read More...
Opinion article 2
Long Strides or Just Bold Styles: The Defence Ministry's two year Dossier
Prasanna Karthik R

The expectations after the NDA Government got hold of the reins at Delhi were many. The Government has been in saddle for some time now and it's time to put them through the sieve and measure their achievements. There is a lot of progress when strategic and structural issues are focused upon. However, are there enough tangible dividends at the floor level where they attract the eyeballs most? The author details the progress in the defence sector, definitely an area that has experienced more momentum than the others; both at the strategic and operational levels. Read More...
Opinion article 3
LEMOA: An Enabling Agreement, Not a War Pact
Nitin A Gokhale

BharatShakti.in founder Nitin A Gokhale explains the contours of the recently inked Indo-US agreement. Contrary to apprehensions expressed by critics about the intrusive nature of the pact, Nitin Gokhale points out that LEMOA does not authorise establishment of any bases or does not provide for basing arrangements. Neither does the agreement create any obligations on either India or US to carry out any joint activity. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Turbulence in the Wake: The Scorpene Leaks are no Small Matter
Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y Shrikhande, IN (Retd)

Is the Scorpene leak a huge setback or a tactical speed bump for the Indian Navy? It's perhaps an issue that requires scrutiny by professionals. The sole blessing so far is the fact that the leaks did not origin in India. However, the Indian political and Naval leadership has gone on record to state that it's an issue that's grave. Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y Shrikhande provides an analysis of the impact of leaks based on information that's available as of now. Read More...
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