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Dear Reader:

Globally, in 2017 the defence industry witnessed its first jump in sales since 2010. With the ISIS battle now on the wane, the situation may not be so in 2018. However, Gulf countries are going in for upgrades of their inventories. We are also pushing the pedal to the floor. South East Asian nations are also in the race and President Trump wants NATO members to invest their two percent on defence. A slow down hence, is not the most expected journey in 2018.

Since the publication of the previous issue of our newsletter there is much to cheer for a few sectors of our defence manufacturing. HAL turns out to be the biggest beneficiary of new contracts being pursued by the MoD. The IAF has issued a request for RFP to HAL for 83 Tejas Mk1A aircrafts. It's major boost to HAL. However, there are implications for Tejas Mk 2. As of now it appears the Tejas manufacturing facility is going to experience all the activity that HAL desires.

HAL is also going to supply 15 Light Combat Aircraft to the Indian Air Force. Viewed in conjunction with its order book for Dhrub Utility Helicopters, HAL is quite on a roll. Once the Russian Kamov deal is finalised, HAL would certainly be also garnering substantial technology advantage with most of the 200 helicopters being now planned, likely to be produced in its location.

The other opportunity opening up for the Indian defence sector is the ammunition and explosives area. The government has decided to allow the private sector to forge into eight types of ammunitions. Market leaders like Solar Group should definitely benefit.

The government has announced the modernisation of Central Armed Police Forces by earmarking Rs 1054/- crore. Homeland security manufacturing sector will benefit from the projects that will eventually flow. There is a lot of overlap between Homeland Security and the defence sector, and the latter is also likely to reap benefits, in the bargain.

Unfortunately we lost a UAV along the Line of Actual Control with the Chinese. One of our Searcher drones of Israeli crashed on the Chinese side. They have certainly stripped it to the bones. Hopefully, the crash was hard enough to deny a detailed view.

On the diplomatic front the major news is of India being accepted in the Wassenaar Group. It's a group that looks to enforce more responsibility in transfer of conventional weapons and dual use goods and technologies. Incidentally, China is not a part of it. It enhances our status in our bid for NSG membership. However; unlikely to weigh heavy on the Chinese at the UN Security Council.

The report by the Parliament Standing Committee on Defence is out. You can go through it on our Issues Brief page. We are trying to populate the page with material that will be of use to professionals. We look forward to making your visits to the page worth your time, soon.

That's all for now. Do tune in regularly for comprehensive updates on the Defence Sector.



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