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Dear Reader:

We have been through a host of events since I last reached out to you through the medium of this newsletter. Most important among these events has been the launch of another media enterprise by our Editor-in-Chief Nitin A Gokhale. Strategic News International was launched on 5 September, 2018. Surya Gangadharan, well known TV journalist and Managing Producer at WION will lead the team of Parul Chandra, Amitava Revi and a formidable team of experienced and eager to take off journalists. While Parul has long years of experience with the Times of India and Asian Age, Amitava has been into conflict reporting with the NDTV. Watch out for sniwire.com, certainly they will set new benchmarks in reporting on India's external affairs and bring you a rich harvest of news concerning the current Delhi dispensation's powered thrust to establish India as a responsible player in the region.

We also decided it was time to visit India's first attempt at producing a world class gun, the 155mm Vajra T, at the Larsen & Toubro's manufacturing facility at Hazira, Gujrat. Spread over vast acres that stretch beyond the horizon, it's a huge facility that is in the process of being reorganised to have the entire manufacturing line under a single roof. It is a great boost to our Make in India endeavours. A report on the visit has been published.

A few events of the recent past that impact our defence capabilities majorly include the signing of COMCASA between the Indians and Americans. The agreement was a good 10 years in the making. It will enhance our inter-operability and make joint operations actually feasible. Combined with LEMOA, it's a major indicator of our foreign policy tilt today. We seem to have signed the agreement without bowing down to Trump's requirement of dumping the S 400 Russian missile deal. Apparently, we would still be importing Iranian crude and carry on with the Chabahar Port project also.

The Rafale deal has become a controversial transaction with political parties baying for each other. We have provided a 360 degree coverage through our 'Opinion' columns and exclusive stories.

The DAC has also approved the purchase of helicopters for the Navy as also a few ships from the Russian. However, the issue that restrains us in conjuring a higher degree of defence preparedness by modernization of our equipment inventory is the overall allocation for defence in our budget. The approvals could come to a naught if adequate funding is not provided to the armed forces.

Bhutan too, has been through its preliminary round for electing the members to its National Assembly. The final round, as per Bhutanese constitution, will be limited to the two parties that have won the maximum votes in the preliminaries. The current dispensation is at the third position. As such, Thimpu is on the road to being taken over by a new dispensation in October, 2018. It poses some challenges for India and requires the MEA being proactive in its approach.

As I sign off on this update, Maldives has elected a new President. It's heartening to see that a free and fair poll was possible in the island state even with a near-dictator having subverted some democratic institutions of that state. Hopefully, the Indian side will progress deftly and revive the old trust and faith on which our relations with Maldives had always rested.

I would also request you to visit our Issue Briefs pages. We have started gathering material that would give you a balanced view on contemporary issues of concern.

That's all from my table today. Do make BharatShakti.in a habit.


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McCain's Life and Death: An Indian Sailor's Musings
Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y Shrikhande (Retd)

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Rafale: The Deal and the Din: A way forward
Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

Lt Gen PR Shankar writes about a deal that has been dragged to the streets. It's not the first time that a defence deal has been questioned so volubly by our political parties, however, the facts and barbs being directed at the deal need to be viewed on their merits rather than their value in terms of gathering headline space. The author uses his long experience in acquisition of equipment to go into the details. Read More...
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India- Pakistan: To Talk or Not to Talk
Ambassador Anil Trigunayat

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Role of Religious and Terrorist led Political Parties in Pakistan Elections
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Employment of Ultra Light Howitzers in the Indian Environment
Maj Gen P K Chakravorty (Retd)

Maj Gen PK Chakravorty writes about the first imported gun after the Bofors scandal three decades back. India has contracted for 145 of 155mm M777 Ultra Light Howitzers manufactured by BAE Systems. The contract caters for transfer of technology and provides an opportunity to build upon the infrastructure that Mahindras, the Indian partner, would invest on and export these guns to other countries... Read More...
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Why The Korean Peninsula Matters for India
Naveen Tomar

Naveen Tomar writes that the Korean Peninsula borders China with proximity to Russia and Japan serving as an important balancer in Indo-Pacific. Developments here provide an opportunity for regional realignment and the emergence of multiple powers to check China. The historic North Korea-US summit on June 12 was expected to set the ball rolling for peace and stability... Read More...
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Tilt- Rotor Technology and Development
Lt Gen BS Pawar (Retd)

Lt Gen BS Pawar writes about Helicopters; extremely versatile platforms that are used both for military and non-military tasks. The problem encountered in helicopters is primarily its speed and range of operation. It has been impossible to design these machines with their rotors mounted atop, beyond a certain point. However, tilt-rotor technology provides the wherewithal for new wave of helicopters... Read More...
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