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Dear Readers:

We hosted the 2nd Edition of our annual marquee event - Defence Attaches Conclave: Enhancing Defence Capabilities through Cooperation. The conclave was conducted on 20 November at the Ashoka Hall, Manekshaw Centre. With the Defence Minister Ms Nirmala Sitharaman finding herself suddenly into unscheduled engagements, she was gracious enough to send across a video message instead of addressing the gathering personally. However, the Minister of State for Defence, Dr Subhas Bhamre delivered his address as a preamble to the day's proccedings. BharatShakti.in thanks the Defence Minister and the Minister of State for Defence.

The conclave, like its previous edition, was co-hosted by HQ Integrated Defence Staff and BharatShakti.in. Lt Gen Satish Dua, CISC, HQ IDS delivered the Valedictory address.

In attendance were almost 60 defence attaches and embassy personnel into military acquisition of their respective countries. Besides the large gathering of DAs, policy makers, military professionals, leaders of global and Indian defence industry to include both the public and private sector, top leadership of think tanks, delegates and media personnel were gathered in the premises. A large number of companies also displayed their wares and products in the 17 kiosks erected in the display area.

We at BharatShakti.in thank each one of those who were our panelists and Chairpersons for the three Knowledge Sessions . It would not be out of place to place on record a special thanks to Dr Vivek Lall, Chief Executive, US & International Strategic Development, General Atomics, USA who flew down all the way to Chair the final session. We also thank every individual who attended the conclave and helped us make it a great success.

As far as big issues in the news, the government appointed a new interlocutor for J&K. The situation in J&K had deteriorated substantially till about a few months back. The focused application of force, demonetization followed by a squeeze on terrorist finance had led to a visible improvement in the situation. While the interlocutor appointed needs of course have an open-mind, there is little reason to reopen communication channels with the Hurriyat and separatists. The previous elections to the state assembly had witnessed unprecedented turnout at the booths. The members of the J&K Assembly are the true peoples' representatives. There is ofcourse the requirement to establish communication channels with students, civil society, Kashmiri intellectuals, displaced Pandits and such like groups.

The Chabahar port has become operational and the first consignment of Indian wheat for Afghanistan landed there and was transshipped by road through Iran to Kabul. It provides us a much required incremental logistics capacity to enhance our role in Afghanistan.

The first signals of disagreements between the Pakistanis and the Chinese over the China Pakistan Economic Corridor have begun to surface. It appears, the Pakistanis are unhappy with Chinese financing of one of the power projects and have decided to go it alone. Reports also suggest, disproportionate percentage of profits from operation of Gwadar may go to China. Readers may like to stay tuned in to watch the progress of this flag ship project of the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

We will continue with our coverage of global issues as also those concerning Indian defence industry. Do tune in regularly for refreshing views and focused news about both regional and global shifts that could affect us militarily.



Image article 1
Indian Armed Forces & Non Contact Warfare
Maj Gen P K Chakravorty (Retired)

The prospects of conventional warfare in our sub-continent have definitely not receded, however the requirement of preparing ourselves to face cyber threats, information operations, and wars in outer space that may actually precede a conventional war, is definitely increasing. In most such areas we can be found wanting. The slow pace of our decision making has stymied the growth of our capabilities in fighting the battle we are being faced with even today in the information and cyber space. The General, in his article, undertakes a fairly detailed analysis and offers a few facts and options for the discerning reader. Read More...
Opinion article 2
China's 19th Party Congress: New Leaders To Steer China To The China Dream
Jayadeva Ranade

The week long (October 18-24, 2017) 19th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which was held in Beijing, concluded as anticipated with Xi Jinping emerging considerably stronger. His contribution to Chinese communist ideology was recognised and unanimously approved for incorporation into the Party Constitution as 'Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era'. He is the first CCP leader to have his contribution, attached to his name, enshrined in the Party Constitution while still alive. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Inimical Forces Will Attempt To Jeopardise Military Modernisation
Maj Gen Harsha Kakar (Retired)

Defence procurement remains a difficult arena fraught with risks of deals being cancelled after much of the processing has already been undertaken. The deals are often large and can at times make or break a company. The reasons for cancellation of tenders at a late stage are also varied. The author attempts to analyse the main causes of such disruptions that have a detrimental effect on military modernisation. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Private Security Industry In India - Has It Come Of Age?
PM Heblikar

With national security assuming greater criticality, the Private Security Sector with its huge manpower can actually prove to be a force multiplier. It can relieve our police forces from a lot of duties leaving these forces free to focus on the vulnerable areas. However, the sector needs to be organized far better and adopt higher training standards. Its services also need to be consistent. The author examines the current state of the PSS and assesses the wherewithal required to go forward for revamping the sector. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Coal Firing 'CPEC': Colonisation Of Pakistan & Enrichment Of China
Lt Gen PR Shankar (Retired)

Notwithstanding the problems China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is expected to encounter as China progresses with the project to link its western provinces to Gwadar port, there are also a few issues that run against the policies it seems to be opting for in its domestic power generation sector. The most contradictory of these remains greater reliance on coal fired power plants planned as part of CPEC. Also of interest is the prospect, simultaneously of Chinese coal being used to meet the fuel requirements of such projects. The author analyses these factors and lays bare a few facets of Chinese intent. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Leadership In The Defence Industry Of India
Maj. Gen. Khurshed Balsara

The author has attempted a traverse across a canvas hitherto fore barely visited. It's a fact that we have no specialised training avenues for training the leadership of our defence research and production establishments. To quote an example of what right leadership can/ cannot achieve: while we have sent Chandrayaan to the moon, we have not been able to produce a rifle that can give a soldier the requisite confidence to use it in battle. Is leadership the problem?

The General in his article attempts to define the greater commitment required in the leadership of men in the critical defence sector. He equates their role in equivalence with that of a soldier. Read More...


Image article 1
Dineshwar Sharma, Former Dir IB, New Interlocutor For J&K
Nitin A Gokhale

The Prime Minister's declaration was followed up by Home Minister Rajnath Singh's four-day visit to J&K in September. Singh's extensive meetings with more than 80 delegations of various hues was confirmation of the Centre's intention to reach out to the awam (common people) in J&K. The 'soft' approach comes on the back of a nearly a year-long hard crackdown that the government was forced to order after the unrest in the wake of the killing of Hijbul Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani in July 2016. Read More...
Image article 1
Dassault - Reliance Aerospace Manufacturing Facility In Mihan, Nagpur Inaugurated
Team BharatShakti

The Dassault-Reliance manufacturing facility Dhirubhai Ambani Aerospace Park is located in the Mihan SEZ adjoining Nagpur International Airport. Under Joint Venture company, DRAL (51% Reliance Aerostructure and 49% Dassault Aviation) the facility will manufacture several components of the offset obligation connected to the purchase of 36 Rafale Fighters from France, signed between the two Governments in September 2016. Read More...
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