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    Hmm.. Chief doesn’t want to go deeply about major issues, which include Make in India fighter line, S 400 procurement issue, FGFA R&D sign issue and the vshorad PROCUREMENT Plans

    However a overall input about basic systems and current operational capability

    and The Network centric system info is awesome, Hope its fool proof from foreign and domestic hackers

    Thanks again

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    Kunaal Gaikwad

    Dear Mr. Gokhale, your second question to the Air Chief Marshal was perhaps the most pertinent, and if one can be allowed to say so, most vaguely answered by him without any specific timelines. But, the questions that beg to be asked – why have the powers-that-be allow the sanctioned squadron strength of fighter aircraft to go down from 42 to 33 over the years? Why did the IAF/MOD conducting the MMRCA ‘competition’ take a decade to just shortlist the aircraft? Who will be held accountable in case a two front war breaks out, say in, a worst case scenario of, ‘the next month’, and God forbid, the IAF loses air superiority over Indian skies?

    These are uncomfortable questions nobody will be willing to answer!

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    What about Tejas MK.2 for IAF ???


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