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Nitin Gokhale has been a multimedia reporter since 1983. He has recently made a transition from being a full-time journalist to becoming an author, media trainer and researcher.

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    The FA18 Super Hornet is priced-

    the unit cost of an F/A-18E/F Super Hornet is $65.3 million (flyaway cost) or $80.7 million incl. support costs.
    The airframe costs $33.22 million, the two F414-GE-400 engines cost $9.64 million ($4.82 million each),
    and the avionics cost $9.32 million (AN/APG79).

    For price of 36 Rafales – 11BN – 100 (One Hundred) FA18 E/F Super Hornets $8 Bn + $3 Bn for 2000Missiles including AMRAAM, HRAAM, SDAM, Harpoon etc.

    FA18 is far more proven than Rafales.

    FA 18 Advanced Super Hornets have Stealth Features + Weapons Pods.


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