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Nitin Gokhale has been a multimedia reporter since 1983. He has recently made a transition from being a full-time journalist to becoming an author, media trainer and researcher.

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    After space , ocean and ground,only sky was the unconquered area for domestic defence industry.may be this be the birth of an era when India will be ruling the skies of south Asia and IOR. Fortunately there is no Congress to kill the project like that did in case marut ad favour costly imports than investment and trust the indigenous capacity.

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    Very happy. I remember how many vested interests including people in the Indian media deliberately tried to run down this achievement. Glad that somebody credible like you has stood up and been objective around the program. The Indian media faces a crisis of confidence with the lay person using epithets for them, work like yours is essential to note that a few good men remain.

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    tribhuwan kumar

    great performance by tejas. felt very happy the way tejas did. hope india should produce 5 th gen fighter soon.

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    Hats off to tejas team, great achievement

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    Martin Jeaks

    Well done. Now the time for Kaveri to perform. Yes we can!

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    Super display….really feeling Proud

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    Yeah our pilots & our scientists makes our tejas a 4.5 generation aircraft. My dreams begin with 5th generation AMCA twin engine. Team spirit wins India.


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