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Dear Reader:

Since we last mailed you our newsletter, BharatShakti.in has been involved in conducting two conclaves. Both the conclaves were primarily focused on strategic issues and Indian defence sector; however their themes and scopes were quite different.

The first of these was conducted in partnership with Syama Prasad Mookerjee Research Foundation, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library and BharatShakti.in as co-partners.

The conclave addressed the issue of Indian Resurgence, Aspirations, Achievements and Approaches. It was conducted at the NMML premises on the 22 February 2018. One session each was devoted to each of the three fundamental aspects of Indian aspirations, its achievements and hard power and soft power means and methodologies that India needs to incorporate in its approaches to make the dream of Indian resurgence come true. A collage of photographs of the event in this newsletter will give you a feel of the event.

The other conclave that we at BharatShakti.in organised was a Roundtable on Enhancing Defence Capabilities through Cooperation. The event was conducted on 15 March 2018 at the Ethiopian Cultural Centre, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. The event was in consonance with the Make in India theme with its thrust on export promotion. Defence Attachés of countries that would be interested in importing Indian defence equipment were invited to participate in the roundtable.

Both events were well received. Twenty-five Defence Attaches, mostly from, African, South-East Asian and Central Asian Republics attended the event at the Ethiopian Cultural Centre. The defence sector companies partnering with BharastShakti.in appreciated the unique opportunity they got to project their capabilities to the Defence Attachés. Feedback from Defence Attaches and participating Companies makes us confident that they will both carry their interaction forward to create a win-win partnership during the DEFEXPO at Chennai in mid-April and beyond.

That's all for now. Do tune in regularly for comprehensive updates on the Defence Sector.


Image article 1
Can China be the Main Supplier for Petroleum Products to Nepal?
Maj Gen Nitin Gadkari (Retd)

The Madhesi Andolan in Nepal in 2015, led to bitter relations between Nepal and India. Movement of goods between the two countries was affected because of a blockade at the crossing points. The most critical of all shortages was petroleum products that inconvenienced Nepalese the most. The Nepalese sought Chinese help, with the latter promising to supply fuel via the land route through Tibet. The author examines the feasibility of China supplying fuel to Nepal. His article provides an elaborate analysis and throws up some hard conclusions that the Nepalese need to perceive in their own interests. Read More...
Opinion article 2
Defence Procurement - Strengthening Our Achilles' Heel
Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

There was much hope in the strategic and defence communities when the current dispensation in Delhi moved at a fast pace on aspects concerning modernization of the armed forces and acquisitions to achieve it. However, the story so far has been patchy at best. The necessary boost in pace of either acquisition or tangible progress in indigenisation, has not been witnessed. The author has a decade of experience in defense procurement. He has initiated and piloted some successful programs and is conversant enough with the system and its mechanics to outline parameters for our approach to acquisitions in the long run. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Impact of Acquittals by the Italian Court of the Accused in the VVIP Helicopter Case on Investigations in India
EXCLUSIVE by Amit Cowshish

This verdict may not bring down the curtain on the case as the prosecutors in Italy perhaps still have the option of challenging it but either way, it is unlikely to make the Indian government change its mind on continuing with the investigations being carried out by the Central Bureau of Investigation and the Enforcement Directorate. It will be hasty to pass any definitive judgement without studying its fine print on what impact the verdict will have on the investigation being done by the Indian agencies but it may not spell the end of the road for them as the acquittal is apparently based on the technical ground of insufficient evidence which not the same as an honourable acquittal on merits. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Tweaking Make II Procedure Needs To Be Handled With Care
EXCLUSIVE By: Amit Cowshish

On January 16 this year, the Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), headed by the Defence Minister, decided to tweak it again to enable the MoD to accept suo-motu proposals from the industry, including the start-ups, for undertaking pro-jects under the 'Make II' category. The criteria prescribed in DPP 2016 for short listing of the Indian companies as pro-spective development agencies for participation in the 'Make II' projects has also been relaxed by removing the condi-tions related to credit rating and net worth. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Israel-India Journey: 25 Years and Beyond
Ambassador Anil Trigunayat (retired)

The Indian Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Palestine today; the first ever visit by an Indian Prime Minister. The visit comes in the backdrop of India - Israel relations being given a powered thrust by the Prime Ministers of both countries visiting each other's capitals, recently. India has been able to maintain cordial relations with the Arab countries as also Israel, approaching each issue on a case-to-case basis. The author traces the steady progress Indo-Israeli relations have made notwithstanding their differences on seemingly implacable issues. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Situation In Maldives Could Potentially Further Raise India - China Tensions
Jayadeva Ranade

Since its independence in 1966, when India was the first country to recognise it, the Maldives has been perceived as within India's sphere of influence and sought and received India's assistance in times of dire need. In the past few years, however, Beijing has assiduously wooed Maldives as important to its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and, with Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom taking over as President, there is a definite pro-Beijing tilt. The present crisis comes in the midst of extant India-China tension caused by China's attempt last year to unilaterally construct a road through Bhutanese territory in the Doklam Plateau in violation of a trilateral agreement signed in 2012. This tension is reflected in China's reactions to the developments in Maldives. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Actualising the Framework for Indigenising Indian Submarines for the Next Fifty Years
R Adm Sudarshan Y Shrikhande, IN (Retd)

With the broad considerations of the need for future-ready submarines and the vital need for indigenisation having been outlined in his previous article, the author discusses in more specific ways what may be done to actualise the suggested framework in quantity as well as quality. An important point he makes is the advantage of "spin-offs through a "Made in India" as opposed to "off-sets" via the "Make in India" approach. Read More...
Opinion article 3
The New Defence Production Policy in the Making: Is it Overambitious?
Nitin A Gokhale

A closer scrutiny reveals that a deliberate road map is being evolved to make India one of the top five defence and aerospace hubs in the world that can create and support jobs for two to three million people by 2025. Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL), India's only aeronautical company, is already making the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA). But it will need major financial and technological boost (may be even a strategic tie-up with an aerospace major), to meet the ambitious objective that the Department of Defence Production wants to achieve in a relatively short span of seven years, even partially. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Don't Panic, The Army Is Not As Badly Off As It Is Projected
Nitin A Gokhale

In late 2016, the Army signed 19 major contracts worth Rs 11,000 crore to replenish about 10 different types of ammunition. Deliveries in three of the bigger contracts have been completed and 13 others would complete the supply progressively by end of the current calendar year, defence sources have revealed. Similarly, the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy too bought ammunition and spares worth over Rs 10,000 crores to make up for years of neglect and indecision. Read More...
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