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The period since our last newsletter has been tumultuous with the Uri attack being staged by Pakistani terrorists and a spectacular Indian response across the Line of Control. The issues that both these attacks have thrown up have led to a few nations taking a clearer stance on the issue of Pakistan sponsored terrorism; and mostly in our favour, at that.

The attack at Uri with 17 soldiers' lives being lost within minutes, and two more succumbing later sent shock waves across the nation. The lack of infrastructure to protect our military bases and posts has never flashed so vividly for the entire nation to perceive. Pathankot had initiated the process that Uri has hopefully driven home.

Our response to Uri was definitely strategic and well above the thresholds that we had so far restrained ourselves to. Spread on a frontage of over 250 km our Special Forces attacked terrorist launch pads of the Pakistanis at depths between 500 meters to 5 km. Our boys left behind 30 dead, though some reports suggest far more, and that too, regulars of the Pakistani Army. Beyond the professionalism of our Special Forces, what needs to be lauded is the firm decision making at New Delhi, inter-organisational coordination, especially between the NTRO and Army, and deception plans executed both at the national and military levels.

The deception plans led the whole world to believe we may not contemplate employment of hard military means. Our offensive, it appeared, would be primarily diplomatic. We would also use some new ammo like Baluchistan and Indus Water treaty. At the end of the day, the mission was executed with immaculate professionalism by our forces, handing over a well deserved victory to New Delhi.

Post the surgical strikes there have been reports of a Baluch leader being provided asylum in India. The European Union has also warned Pakistan regarding atrocities on Baluchs. The EU, Russians, Germans and American senators are amongst those who have come down heavily on Pakistan. Pakistan had to postpone the SAARC meet scheduled in Islamabad with several member countries opting out.

Among other noteworthy events globally, have been the statements of the newly elected Filipino President. His anti-American retorts and pro-Chinese leanings should be fuelling some serious debates in the US. The US pivot to the east could certainly do with firm anchorage in Philippines.

Back home, the BRICS meet is on as we go into print. So far the Indian gains have been palpable, both at the meet and on its sides. Agreements have been signed with the Russians for air defence systems, ships and helicopters. A strong statement is expected on terrorism, at the end of the summit. The Chinese have expressed their willingness to discuss the NSG imbroglio. For the rest, well we will bring you the whole story as events unfold.

On the defence industry front, we had the 19th India International Security Expo at New Delhi for three days starting on the 19th September. The Expo was fairly subscribed. Reliance Defence announced its tie up with Dassault, opening up what is apparently a great opportunity.

We look forward to providing you with more information and analysis on subjects of import to the Indian Defence Industry. Do make our pages a habit.



Image article 1
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): Enhancing Combat Potential and Emerging Trends
Lt Gen B S Pawar (Retd)

Technology is driving the military application of UAVs into remarkable areas, with the possibilities seemingly endless. A crucial piece of technology that is required to take UAVs to the next level is a robust 'sense and avoid 'system allowing unmanned planes to fly safely in a congested airspace. UAVs are a critical combat multiplier that is rapidly becoming an organic necessity for all modern armies. Read More...
Opinion article 2
The Story Behind the Story on Rafale that I Broke
Nitin A Gokhale

As I got into the car for a 45-minute journey home, it struck me that this gold standard info should not go unreported. What if someone else also reports it in tomorrow morning's newspaper, I thought to myself and started writing furiously on my I-phone. Read More...
Opinion article 3
How Indian Negotiators Brought Down The Price Of Rafale Jets
Nitin A Gokhale

To bring down the cost, the Indian team asked French officials to calculate the deal on actual cost (Price as on today) plus European Inflation Indices (which varies like stock markets and is currently around 1 per cent per annum). The MoD has also capped the European Inflation Indices to maximum 3.5 per cent a year. In other words, if inflation Indices goes down (chances of it going down are more, looking at the current situation of European markets) India will have to pay less. Even if it goes up India will not pay more than 3.5 per cent increase. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Imperatives of Plucking the Low Hanging Fruit to Boost Defence Manufacturing
Brig Sunil G Gokhale (Retd)

The irony is that the MoD and other ministries seem to be giving inadequate attention to exploiting the development of indigenous weapon systems to boost the manufacturing sector. Nor are they able to reassure the private sector developers that their developmental efforts will not go waste. If such drift in decision making continues, private sector participation in defence will contract instead of expanding in spite of the liberal reforms announced. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Behind The Phosphorous Of White Lies - Calling The Pak Deep State's Four Bluffs

The 2016 political decision to approve surgical strikes across the LoC would go a long way in convincing naysayers to assume more supportive positions against dealing with cross border terrorism. The fact that domestically in India, all major political parties expressed supportive positions to the government's decision, marks a new chapter in India's political outlook to use of force against terrorism emanating from Pak soil. The statements from major powers, including China, were quite balanced and hardly appear to side with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Wider Connotations Of Surgical Strike In Our Environment
Major General P K Chakravorty, VSM (Retd)

It was for the first time after 1971 War that India officially undertook operations across the Line of Control. The operations were undertaken by personnel from the Special Forces belonging to two battalions. Their performance was flawless and resulted in huge casualties to the terrorists. It is indeed appropriate that the Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) of the Indian Army to telephonically apprise the Pakistani DGMO about the event. The strikes are in retaliation to the attack by militants on the Uri administrative base which saw the death of 19 soldiers and injury to about 30 personnel. Read More...
Opinion article 4
Enhanced FDI In Defence : A Game Changer
Brig Vikram Taneja

In order to usher in a transformational change in the defence sector, baby steps such as revision of DPP will no longer assure the desired spinoffs in terms of entry of private players in the defence manufacturing sector and consequent availability of equipment to the Armed forces. Acquisition policy revisions will have to be backed up with bold initiatives such as an investor friendly FDI regime to ensure an intense private sector participation thus replicating the success story of the auto and telecom industry in the defence sector. Read More...


Image article 1
Solution to Pay Panel issue soon, assures Raksha Mantri Parrikar
Nitin A Gokhale

Although he refused to put a timeline for the resolution of the problems, the very fact that the Raksha Mantri met the Prime Minister last night and is understood to have apprised him of the all the points demonstrates the seriousness with which the government is treating the issue. Read More...
19th India International Security Expo: New Delhi
Brig. SK Chatterji (Retired)

The India Trade promotion Organisation is conducting the exhibition with the aim of providing all stakeholders an opportunity to gain information about security gadgets, fire safety, opto-electronic sights, night vision devices, specialised clothing, training simulators, NBC Warfare, cyber security and disaster management. Read More...
Opinion article 3
Retribution: Made In India, Felt By Pakistan
Rear Admiral Sudarshan Y Shrikhande, IN (Retd)

Our responses, whether diplomatic-political, military, informational and economic (known by the acronym "DIME", a term widely used in war colleges) also have of late proceeded via tactical steps and perhaps operational strides towards some eventual strategic outcomes. Those of us outside of government and "officialdom" can discern changes in thinking and witness some actions along DIME lines. Read More...
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