BharatShakti.in welcomes subject experts to submit their opinion articles on a relevant and topical field for online publication. Submissions must be exclusive to us and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. We would be accepting short pieces of up to 1000 words, or longer articles of up to 1500 words. We will not consider articles sent to other publications, websites or blogs.

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  • Op-eds are best submitted through the op-ed submission form which must be filled correctly and accurately., and the declaration of exclusivity therein must be checked in order to submit the article. As an alternative, submissions by e-mail may be offered, along with a certification that the article is exclusive to Bharat Shakti.
  • The articles must be in the English language. UK English spelling is preferred.
  • The article should have a clear point of view or argument, supported by specific evidence.
  • The article may not / need not represent the views of BharatShakti.in.
  • We encourage the contributor to disclose any personal or financial interest in the subject of the article in the Comments Section of the submission form.
  • The final decision on the acceptance or otherwise of an article rests with the Editorial Committee.
  • in looks for the following, among other things: relevance (is it topical and newsworthy?), resonance (will it interest our niche readers and audience?) and uniqueness of perspective.
  • We encourage you to highlight the relevance of what you are writing to make for a reflective / analytic piece.
  • We are careful to not alter your opinion, but your articles are edited for clarity and precision of language. They are checked and copy-edited for grammar and may be adjusted to fit the space available on the web page. You might also be asked to revise the article before publication. Authors are responsible for any copyright clearance, including permissions for pictures, factual inaccuracies and opinion expressed in their paper.
  • Please provide a byline explaining your background and experience.
  • We will do our best to intimate you promptly regarding the status and possible date of publication of your article. If we fail to do so in 10 working days, you can assume we will not be able to publish your piece.
  • We make it a point to take an open view about the topic at hand and encourage various arguments regarding an important issue. BharatShakti.in will have space for comments and debates on your article from readers and other contributors.
  • Please refrain from personal attacks; misogynist, sectarian or racist comments are not acceptable.
  • If you are sending photographs or illustrations, please send them as attachments in jpeg or png format.
  • References / Bibliography: to be listed as they appear in the main text or in alphabetical order at the end of each article.

An explanation of the style to be adopted is given below:

  • Article: Name of Author, “Title of Article”, “Name of Publisher”, Place of Publication, Date of Publication, Page No.
  • Book: Name of Author, “Title of Book”, Page No., “Name of Publisher”, Place of Publication, Date of Publication
  • Online Source: Full URL of the website, Date on which accessed

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