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  1. Mian

    39 x factories of Indian ordnance factory board and 10x DPSUs (HAL,BEL,BEML,GSL,HSL,MDL etc )also undertake similar businesses from railway coaches,trucks,engines, spacecrafts, cement , iron,coal to manufacturing aircraft and ships.all of them also employ retired senior officers as board members and consultant etc.

    Indian army runs over 90 golf courses on training grounds

    Indian AG deals with private banks for keeping and disbursement of pay and allces making separate agreements every year ….

    AWHO runs housing schemes much similar to DHA of Pakistan

    1. nasimbashir

      Stop interfering internal matters of Pakistan
      Indians facing tons of problems from hunger to people dying in the streets
      70 % Indians eating rats

      1. SFK

        Mrnasimbashir, these Indians are poking there nose in Pakistan affairs, they are blaming Pakistan army and isi for narcotics smuggling, we give a shit what they eat its there govt who have to see this not us

  2. Nooonemce

    Indian soldiers must be taken care of after retirement as they had given best years of life for protecting vountry

  3. Waseem Pakistani

    trying to defame Pakistan Army. thia shows ur ultimate ass burning and desperation against Pakistan even after being 3 times larger. shame on u for stooping to new low.

  4. Ali

    Please mind your own business

  5. Pakistan Rukhshak 🇵🇰

    Bhikari Indian armed forces child rapists. Please cross LoC once more so that you can be schooled again with bloody nose. Have you people not tired yet of Abhi “none done” even after what happened with you in Ladakh. Your whole narrative revolves around Pakistan which shows how much scarred you are despite bragging about 4th largest armed forces or the so called “36 inch ki chhati” my foot. Please study about your strategic problems because your chicken necks at siliguri and DBO road in Ladakh are very much vulnerable.

  6. Mukhtar

    Highly suggestive artical. Nobody gives land
    as written. Any officer or other rank wants a plot of land has to apply for it. The the price is deducted from him in monthly installments. My father was a senior officer in army. We have not seen anything mentioned here. I accept there will b corruption, but not at the level, written here. Yes medical is free. But so is for other departments, such as railways in their own hospitals. Education is not free for army kids. This is a lie. Futher army foundations look after the families of Shaheeds and injured soldiers. They also employ civilians in their projects. If some officer is employed in a civilian org. Then it us entirely up-to that org. Who is author to advise them. This happens all around the world.

    1. SFK

      Bhai this article is written by some Indian so don’t bother their idoticity, they are habitual to poke their nose every where with out knowing everything

  7. M Khan

    So what????? Everyone is in love with Pakistan Army, here….. Everyone takes pride while talking about Pakistan Army, the only undisputed & disciplined institution ready to respond & sacrifice whenever and wherever the Nation calls.
    Pakistan Army is doing the best for the country and for the welfare of its Officers, Soldiers and Civilians paid of defense estimates.
    U better look after ur internal racist & facisit affairs, already making India ready for disintegration.
    Also concentrate on saving urself from Chinese unavoidable humiliation knocking at the gates of India…..

    1. Abdullah

      A copy paste article with a failed attempt to connect rekodiq case with fauji fouji foundation whose sole purpose is to employ retired soldiers to earn bread for their families

  8. M Khan

    Also look inside before pointing at Pakistan Army, https://m.economictimes.com/topic/Indian-Army

    1. M Khan

      NEW DELHI: Over 1,110 soldiers, airmen and sailors took the extreme step of ending their lives over the last decade, once again underlining the need for much better suicide prevention interventions in the over 14-lakh strong Indian armed forces. (Times of India)
      Take care of ur soldiers…….😂

    2. Asif

      So what is problem.

  9. Dr Sandeep Parmar

    This is a brilliant revelation. Pakistani military will NEVER fight India. Very simple; their senior military officers have made billions of dollars for themselves and they don’t want to die!!! They make cereals, baby diapers and noodles; Pakistani armymen are professional industry labourers!!!! This totally non- professional and weak army is just a paper tiger; India will surprise the world by running through Pakistan in 3-5 days in a war. Pakistan will be conquered without a sweat in 3-5 days. Best wishes. Dr Sandeep Parmar

    1. M Khan

      Look who is talking…… U will conquer Pakistan😅😅😅😅😅. Before doing that, just dare to even discussing the Ladak ingress by Chinese. They will sort u out.
      Firstly redeem urself by retaking 60 SqKm area from Chinese and then think of Conquering Pakistan.
      Surely such dreams can only b accomplished through some Bollywood Hot movie…

    2. Nisar Farooq

      If India could do that then it would not think twice about invading Pakistan .Indian army can only murder innocent civilians and torture women and children as they are doing in Kashmir , Nagaland and various other places doing all the cowardly acts .Pakistan Army is battle hardened and InshaAllah can beat Indian army badly and then your Government will be begging UN to intervene and have ceasefire .Look how chinese are teaching your army a unforgettable Lesson .

  10. edgar

    Be nice if some one could frankly tell; what? if remotely at all has Imran
    raking (snatching) the reigns from the previous P.M., made; even jus
    a fraction. Conversely things overall have gone plenty worse. Long history
    of Pakistan; they came; on by one; made monies for their generations; and
    left. Poor wentpoorer and the country deeper in debt. Pakistan zinda bad.

  11. Zulfiqarali1956@gmail.com

    Ye serf pak. Army ko badnaam karne ki koshish ha.

    1. Syed Mansoor Ali

      The article very well shows the skills of the writer. It resmbles an essay of student of tenth class on the Matima Gandhi Gee. He starts the essay with the sentence ” Matima Gandhi struggled to liberate Bharat from Britishers. As he knows nothing about Gandhi Gee. He starts narrating tales about Bharat for filling the paper and ends up with zero marks.

  12. Tareq Ali Meena

    What is basic difference between India and Pakistan? In one sentence, in Indiagovernment runs the military and in Pakistan military runs the government.
    In response of pakistani fellows comment over economy, I will say that yes the growth rate of Indian economy is slow at this moment like almost all the countries but look at Pakistan, a country, which is run by borrowed money, once from USA then from China then from UAE then from IMF. Question is, who is the beggar? India or Pakistan.


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