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Nitin A. Gokhale is a media entrepreneur, strategic affairs analyst and author of more than half a dozen books on military history, insurgencies and wars. One of South Asia's leading strategic analysts, Gokhale started his career in journalism in 1983. In the past 36 years, he has led teams of journalists across print, broadcast and web platforms.

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  1. S Malik

    But sir, this opens the door wide for intense lobbying for the top post amongst the senior three or four officers. Now the politicians are free to choose the officer who promises them the most, or agrees to bend the maximum. The issue of merit is moot. All that gets sorted out before the rank of army commander. In fact, the CinC is the actual field commander and the COAS is a staff officer. The advantage of the seniority system was that there is no political interference, unlike the police. Now, the politicians have made inroads into the last apolitical organisation. God help thus country.

  2. ALOK

    all these logics are nothing but garbage.lt general bakshi was the senior most and should have been made the army chief.


    Nicely put Nitin sir.


    Seniority was one of the cardinal principles followed till Mrs. Gandhi hijacked it in 1983 and the price the country had to pay everybody knows i.e. the Punjab problem. Once the contenders for the top post comes to know that seniority is not the criteria, then they will also lobby with the powers to be and our Army which till is apolitical will see a sea change which will have a direct impact on the fighting spirit. At least from our past mistakes we should learn. Had Lt. Gen. Sinha been appointed the COAS he had advocated a political solution to the Punjab issue.


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