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Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

Lt Gen P R Shankar is a retired Director General of Artillery. He is an alumnus of National Defence Academy Khadakvasala, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Army War College, Mhow, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterrey and National Defence College, New Delhi. He has held many important command, staff and instructional appointments in the Army. He has vast operational experience having served in all kinds of terrain and operational situations which has confronted the Indian Army in the past four decades.

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  1. Col A Bhagra

    An excellent indepth analysis of the current Chinese military threat and what the Indian polity and Armed Forces need to do.
    I wonder if such articles actually are sought after and analysed by the Army especially the strategic thinktanks in ARTRAC and College of Combat, College of Air Warfare, NDC etc to evolve some new doctrines for the Army and AF to counter these emerging threats

  2. Chitta Rohini Kumar

    Very well analysed.

  3. Satish

    Nice article sir. congratulations for the article many more to come.

  4. Lt Gen K R Rao, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

    Saddled with our preoccupation of counter insurgency operations, such an article dwelling in to the aspect of current deficiencies focussing on the Eastern borders, highlighting the issues of synergy is always refreshing. A well researched and balanced work. The author has correctly appreciated and endorsed the necessity of correct blend of all arms and inter and intra service cooperation at the higher defence planning which does appear to be getting skewed due to parochialism and empire building. Some of the representations by non flying in Air Force earlier and some in the Army in the recent past are in public domain and we’re also in courts, which is not a good sign for the Armed Forces. Earlier we realise the same, the better for our defence forces, lest we start losing out some intelligentsia at higher echelons.

  5. Sandeep sharma

    An excellent article giving deep insight into the present structure of IA and the future essential requisites for the nation as well as defence forces

  6. Brig SG Gokhale VSM

    Lt General Shankar has highlighted the “Writing on the Wall”, I hope our political leadership, bureaucracy and the three services pay heed to the analysis of the General. Our deployment on the Indo Tibetan border needs to be result oriented and not Bull Frog posturing. For starters, let us implement meaningful structural reforms of the Higher Defence Organisation which hopefully will be a catalyst for ringing in many other critical requirements, such as a enunciation of a national security strategy and modernization of our forces.

  7. Rajat Kumar

    We have the third largest military in terms of numbers, fifth largest defence budget and the dubious distinction of being the worlds largest importer of military equipment. Therefore, we are a well resourced military.

    Need of the hour is to enhance our military effectiveness. Appointing a CDS and creating integrated theatre commands is an idea whose time has come.


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