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Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

Lt Gen P R Shankar is a retired Director General of Artillery. He is an alumnus of National Defence Academy Khadakvasala, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Army War College, Mhow, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterrey and National Defence College, New Delhi. He has held many important command, staff and instructional appointments in the Army. He has vast operational experience having served in all kinds of terrain and operational situations which has confronted the Indian Army in the past four decades.

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  1. Rajat Kumar

    Resolving the Kashmir would call for a strategic decision acceptable to all stakeholders. Currently it is difficult to think of such a decision.

  2. M isac nath

    Geographically. Politically.economically.demographically and industrially pakistan a small country and we should not blame…not resolving kashmir has been an indian folly otherwise it might have been an IPEC(india pakistan economic corridor)rather than CPEC.and indian ocean truly would have turned in to an indian lake.
    Yes with Cpec kashmir issue may loose priority for pakistan but with big playets in. the great in on once more.


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