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  1. Col Prashant Oak

    Loved reading it, sir. Nice Analysis.

  2. Rabindra

    Nice article stating the views of each nation in respect to this pandemic and course of action adopted by them.
    This pandemic is likely to be on for a longer time than earlier envisaged . As the rate of infection curve plateaus and then takes a downward trend , to stand up and recover , all nations will start picking up their economic activities. Trade will start as will international travel and there in lies the danger of a second and a third wave of this pandemic.
    Globalisation too will take a hit as many nations which now are even importing protective equipment for medical staff and ventilators will do a re think of all such essentials and start in house production.
    As economy picks up, governments will have to at the earliest re furbish their battered medical care system to prepare for a second wave and it will cost a great deal. Dealing with double digit unemployment, severe recession, plummeting revenue, increased expenditure and mounting debt, intermittent shutdowns and again incurring large expenditure on health care will have a telling effect on companies and governments. Many will default on debt repayments, declare bankruptcy , forcing Governments to inject more Financial stimulus in economy and to nationalize . Many may not be able afford this . Their health care will suffer and their productive work force will reduce , making it more difficult for them.
    A long crisis will test the mettle of each nation and truly competent ones who do large scale testing needed for public health surveillance, compensated isolation, allow economic activity to start in clear zones, stitch broken supply chains , ramp up production will be able to rise up to this challenge .
    China , although out of the blue presently , is doing a tremendous face saving activity to assuage the world , for having misguided the world on the raging epidemic in Wuhan and thereby permitting to spread internationally. Though all nations are accepting its generous aid but in the long run, all will be wary of dealing with,China. This will be a huge blow to its ambition.
    India too suffered break down in supply chain when China was in lock down , in many industries but none more vital than the Pharmaceutical industry which imports its base drugs for production of Generic drugs from China . India too will have build in redundancy in production within its economy , to prevent complete breakdown of its vital industries due to breakdown of supply chains from abroad.
    The world post Covid 19 will reshape and re structure many geopolitical alliances . EU ‘s existence will be severely challenged , Middle East may reshape as Syria,Iran, Egypt look fragile in its aftermath. Role of UN , WHO will be redefined .
    But one thing each Nation will learn from this pandemic is not to let its Health system run aground due to lack of funding


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