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  1. Thushar

    I fear this committee report too shall end in the bin. With elections coming up, Govts priorities are likely to be elsewhere. If the current govt doesn’t return to power then there is absolutely no chance that these recommendations will see the light of day
    Even if the present govt returns to power I doubt they’ll be able to discipline the bureaucracy well enough to force them to implement these reforms.

  2. Man Mohsn Pandey

    The core issue was that DRDO instead of concentrating in R&D was busy in realization, testing, field Trials of the systems (about 90% of manpower was busy in these activities). Second was nexus between DRDO scientists and the Private vendors leading to corruption. These vendors were designated as Production partners and the DPSUs were forced to buy from these vendors at highly inflated costs and poor quality. The DPSU were not allowed to develop alternate vendors. This led to rampart corruption and very high cost of equipments for the end users.


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