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Nitin A. Gokhale is a media entrepreneur, strategic affairs analyst and author of more than half a dozen books on military history, insurgencies and wars. One of South Asia's leading strategic analysts, Gokhale started his career in journalism in 1983. In the past 36 years, he has led teams of journalists across print, broadcast and web platforms.

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  1. Ashish Singh

    A recipe for disaster this for sure. Except for the maritime theatre, others are hardly theatres. And the best part is, jointmanship is completely missing. China and Pak must be rubbing their hands in glee. Our military planners seem to think war against Pak will be waged independently on land and sea, hence ops in these 2 domains under different theatre commanders. But the biggest folly is the AD command. Effectively undoing 70 years of evolution of air power and splitting up the most offensive component of military power. And its all actually happening! Disaster awaits should we ever go to war. And not just against China, but Pakistan as well.

  2. Subra

    This implies that All three service chiefs can now twiddle their thumbs and pass time. CDS effectively is the chief for three services. What is the advantage of such buggers muddle. What happens to the current dispensation not covered by the theatre commands.

  3. Laljee Verma

    Surely, a recipe for disaster. Post of CDS was created for an entirely different purpose but in a gradual manner he is trying to become a Super-Chief without absolute control over men and material, and boss over the service chiefs. If implemented it will be disastrous for the country. Please…please the Government do not accept to implement it.

    Laljee Verma, Retd Air Mshl, a thinker and an author.

  4. Laljee Verma

    I had opined that there will be a conflict in policy ideas with the establishment of the CDS, and the fun has started. It will further aggravate when the theatre commands come into being. Clearly a disaster in the making.

    Laljee Verma, Retd Air Mshl, a thinker and an author


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