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  1. Rabindra

    For the last four decades , Iran has engaged US in Asymmetrical war in this region. Its Shia militas span Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Yemen. It has a major say in Afghanistan too .Suleimaini was the key factor in this achievement.
    Suleimaini too was instrumental in building links with nations in Middle East. Qatar , Oman are long term allies of Iran due to his effort.
    He can easily be replaced in IRGC and has been, but it has to seen if the same relationship is maintained by Iran with the Nations in its neighborhood . Its control over the its proxy armies too will under stress now , with the removal of Suleimaini from the scene.
    Whether Iran will continue its asymmetrical warfare or get into direct confrontation with its 9,00,000 odd Armed Forces including 3,50, 000 Reservist and antiquated equipment is a question that future will answer.
    Such a killing by US has send a message to all opposing US including KIm Jong II of N Korea that US can resort to assassination through its military might , as tool to further its own interest.
    A weak Iran , its threat to walk out of the Nuclear deal and now NPT has put its relation with Europe under serious stress and pose a danger to the world as a whole . Will it now develop a nuclear weapon and also export nuclear technology are doubts that worry the world..As it is , its trade with Europe has fallen by over 79%. What has to be watched and seen is how it integrates in the SCO and the Eurasian block , specially due to its close ties with Russia and China.
    Iran has developed a strong cyber warfare capability. Should now the world and specially US now fear a large scale cyber attack , are a few fears the world is seized with now.

    And Iran now can be patient , as is expected of a centuries old rich civilisation , to strike. The world has become a dangerous place with the assassination of Suleimaini and the US aim to achieve a regime change in Iran , a distant dream.


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