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Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha (Retired)

Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha is a former Chief of Integrated Defence Staff and was member of Defence Acquisition Council between 2010 to 2012. During his tenure, the Long Term Integrated Perspective Plan was compiled and approved by the Government.

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  1. Prithvi Singh

    BJP needs to ensure that the national interest is served on equal and reciprocal basis. We cannot afford to antagonize China( an immediate neighbour) for an uncertain ally like USA ( for example one can see their behavior with Pakistan in the past). This in no way means that we shouldn’t develop our relation. But one needs to take care that sovereignty, independence and our own interest is served on equal terms on continuous basis( and not on compromising one bird in hand for the two in bush).

  2. onkar

    Pakistan also signed a similar agreement with US, but what advanced technology did it get from US? How is it certain that US will give their advanced tech to India? And this agreement will irk Russia too. Russia has been our most trusted partner and friend, has cooperated us on Brahmos, is cooperating on FGFA, all these being the latest tech.
    All the defence needs can be satiated from Russia, except for some like EMALS, Avengers etc.
    May be US has backed us for MTCR, NSG in the exchange of LSA.
    we should now concentrate on developing ICBMS with MIRVS, anti-satellite tech. Entry to MTCR will help in it.


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