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Lt Gen PR Kumar (Retd)

Lt Gen PR Kumar (Retd) served in the Indian Army for 39 years, He was the DG Army Aviation, before superannuating from the appointment of Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) in end 2015.

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  1. KK Sharma

    A very Comprehensive and lucid analysis of the situation in Ukraine. There is a real possibility of Nuclear conflagration unless both sides seek a negotiated settlement. Autonomy to Donbas region, even within Ukrainian state, recognition of crimea as a part of Russia and no to NATO may be digestible to Russia. Zelensky has to understand that he is sacrificing his soldiers to fulfill a Western fantasy. Great write up PR sir..

  2. Anirvan

    Thankyou for the balanced view. I don’t think India has equity with Ukraine, so can’t play peace-maker. The winner clearly is the US military-industrial complex and China, which will get a weaker dependant Russia as more easily exploitable resoyrce rich hinterland.


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