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  1. Rabindra

    An amazing saga of courage, fidelity and honour.The resolute leadership displayed by the handful of brave offrs saved Siachen from Pakistan s occupation .

    They and their men’s saga of bravery, racing against time, ill clad for such hostile terrain and their tenacity to stay put till administrative back up and reinforcements arrived must be written in Golden letters in the Annals of History of Modern India.

    These surviving offrs and men must not only be felicitated every year but also be sent to Schools across India, before Republic Day and Independence Day, to recount their brave deeds , to inculcate in future citizens that that they should be too be ready to commit sacrifice s to save this wonderful Republic .

  2. Deepak Bharadwaj

    Awesome interview. I have read the the book that is being referred to. Always fascinated by the bravery of our armed forces. The idea of India is kept alive by these brave and dedicated souls…Jai hind


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