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  1. Rajib Dutta

    Major General (Dr) Gajinder Singh’s insightful analysis of the challenges in India’s Northeast

    In this article, “Understanding Strife in North East India: Reasons and Resolutions” Major General (Dr) Gajinder Singh provides a thought-provoking analysis of the challenges faced by India’s Northeastern region and highlights the need for comprehensive solutions to foster unity, inclusivity, and development in the area.

    He observes that despite 75 years of independence, the Northeastern region still struggles with integration and realising its vast potential. He emphasises the importance of recognising the region as a vital part of India, being a bridge between South Asia and Southeast Asia and representing the diverse multicultural fabric that defines the country.

    One of the key issues identified by Major General Gajinder Singh is the lack of regional integration. The presence of insurgent groups representing various communities and internal conflicts have hindered the region from emerging as a cohesive entity. He points out that addressing these conflicts is crucial for bringing peace and development. Historical rivalries among different ethnic groups and tribes, exacerbated by competition for land, resources, and electoral politics, must be reconciled for lasting stability.

    Major General Gajinder Singh presents a comprehensive approach to tackling the challenges in the Northeast. He emphasises the need for political empowerment, dialogue, and reconciliation to address the grievances of marginalised communities. Engaging in dialogue with insurgent groups is also crucial for managing their activities and bringing them into the mainstream.

    Another significant concern highlighted by the Major General is the security of the Indo-Myanmar border, which poses unique challenges due to its rugged terrain and the presence of insurgent groups. Securing this 1,600-km border requires innovative strategies beyond conventional border management approaches.

    Major General Gajinder Singh’s article is commendable for its in-depth analysis and pragmatic recommendations. It sheds light on the complex historical issues that contribute to the current situation in the Northeast. He rightly calls for a multi-pronged approach that encompasses political empowerment, economic development, social justice, effective border management, and robust conflict resolution.

  2. Ramakant Kaushal

    Great article sir highlighting the issues in North Eastern states of India. Thank you so much.

    One of thing I want to bring is to understand the reason as why does North East people are culture still distant in our day to day interaction. We have friends from everywhere from the country in larger presence compared to from NE states. Until the root cause for this being addressed, an holistic development and inclusion would still be away for NE region.

    Finally at couple of places in thus article, it mentions Modi government. I feel better could be by NDA government as it represents a government instead of single person. Thank you always.


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