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Lt Gen P R Shankar (Retd)

Lt Gen P R Shankar is a retired Director General of Artillery. He is an alumnus of National Defence Academy Khadakvasala, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington, Army War College, Mhow, Naval Post Graduate School, Monterrey and National Defence College, New Delhi. He has held many important command, staff and instructional appointments in the Army. He has vast operational experience having served in all kinds of terrain and operational situations which has confronted the Indian Army in the past four decades.

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  1. Anjur Krishnan

    Great insight and analysis. One of the reason why ccp or xi may want a hot, brutal short war with India in the sectors you have mentioned would be to test the mettle and competency of HIS OWN ARMY COMMANDERS rather than Indian forces. My logic for the above reason is as follows:
    1) Putin surrounded himself with yes men and had been living in his own echo chamber and see what happened/happening to him Ukraine.
    2) xi has ruled for 10 years and has become a king oct 2022 and has surrounded himself with yes men including generals in the army of his choosing.
    3) xi is sharp enough to know his army and generals are not battle tested. So before going into Taiwan full scale, he is likely to order his army and the generals to prove themselves in a hot skirmish with India. Here he can declare “victory” like Deng did in Vietnam in 1979, though he ran away bleeding between his legs. Where as, if he carries out an amphibious assault on Taiwan and it turns out to be a disaster, he has no place to run or hide.
    If we give xi a bloody nose in his Himalayan adventure then Taiwan may be saved.
    Then xi is likely to set his eyes on the resource rich Russian far east and grab some land there but keep rattling the sabre against Taiwan.


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