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  1. Pankaj Arora

    A very well nuanced analysis of the situation in Afghanistan. Clear and precise with likely options for India.

  2. Maj Gen Sudhakar Jee, VSM

    Congratulations Sir. Very well analysed. Perhaps replication of the template of Russia & Turkey together , as applied in Syria against the Khurds, is a possible / way forward. However , Russia having burnt its fingers in the campaign from 1978/79 to 1989/90 , is unlikely to have boots on ground . Sir , do you think China – Russia – Turkey – Pakistan- Afghanistan- Iran , put together, like you have brought out , will ever choose to have boots on ground ? Russia may use its AF / AHs , Turkey may leverage it’s expertise in SWARM/ drone warfare
    or UN may intervene under Charter VI/ VII , however ultimately , lasting Peace / stability in Afghanistan will come back only if it’s driven / owned/ led by Afghanistan only. Looking at it from a holistic point of view , perhaps, the answer lies in Afghanistan Government requesting for Intervention only upto a stipulated period to address the fountain head Af- Pak corridor/ epicenter of Global Terrorism by strangulating the primary source of illegal revenue, drugs, to sustain them in the long run . In addition to FATF , Pakistan must be brought on it’s knees before the world to stop it’s survival on business of supporting terorism .


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