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  1. Ashok Pai

    China has been belligerent instead of being circumspect about its impact. Too much cockiness about its prowess, taking on every country around the world, threatening them with trade and military consequences. What were they thinking? China is now effectively a global pariah. They have earned it through their actions. Even the smaller countries are wary of their actions. BRI/OBOR will be still born. Using Tedros so brazenly? What are the chinese thinking? This aint medieval times. Experience in crushing their own citizens wont help them in plans to crush the world. Chinese is just being stupid here.

  2. S Ahooja

    Bharatshakti, you have certainly been taken for a ride … with international opinion clearly going against china .. this seems to be a slyly planted news by Chinese propaganda machinery to escape international backlash and put the blame of misadventures on the Indian border especially in ladakh, on this particular individual. Typical Chinese style. With so much experience of chinese checkers we know better.
    Please be careful next time and check sources minutely and analyse news report before publishing. Thank you.

  3. Partha Tr

    Well researched KYE(Know Your Enemy) article. The Chinese mindset is getting clearer. Thank you for this article

  4. Lt Gen AK Singh

    Nitin that’s a revealing assessment,, more power to your pen

  5. Gurvinder Singh

    Excellent journalism and analysis
    Thank you

  6. Debashis Deb

    Very good analysis. Enjoyed reading this.

  7. Avinash muley

    Why should we attribute chinese military action to the theater commander. Is he above the party? Does he have the independance to act on his own?
    The chinese govt is to be held responsible and ti be condemned by the international community.

  8. Amit Khanduri

    Nice insightful article. Thanks

  9. Ripudaman Singh Kumbhawar

    Well detailed. Thanks Team BharatShakti

  10. Akshat Bhatt

    Good article


    Brilliant analysis. Makes me proud of our soldiers.

    1. Pranab Das

      A very detailed analysis about Chinese strategy particularly regarding General Zhang’s dream plans of becoming VCC ofCMC of China.

  12. Annonymus

    The back bone of the person ,who is pushing the world into a deadly war should be broken first.

  13. Krishna

    Focussed glance into adversary’s camp.
    Can we also learn about Chinese People’s reaction to these maneuvers.
    Very informative and insightful read, indeed. Thank you.

  14. b.s.rawat2011@gmail.com

    Galwan lession is a trailor for PL A ,Indian Forces yet to show their valour if limited or full fledged war commence in near future ,The anger against PLAs frequent disturbances in Indian Soil will be shown in the ground .

  15. HuAn

    Total bullshee simply proving you are ignorant of China politics.

  16. Chinese are only capable of propaganda. In real th

    Chinese are only capable of propaganda. In real they are less powerful than a street Cat. Lol.

  17. Siddhartha Roy

    In China more than in India one does not rise above by doing anything reckless but rather by being loyal and following orders. The General wouldn’t dare to do anything unless it was cleared at the highest level.

  18. Noby

    If the Chinese want it so badly let’s give it to them. Let’s clear their misconception of 1962.

  19. CMS Kalakoti

    Great insight into the Chinese psyche.. their compulsions due to CCP directions should be studied well by us to deal with them.. Indeed they will now onwards avoid their salaami slicing tactics against India

  20. MKN

    Superb analysis. Keep up the good work.

  21. Patrick

    Get back India’s territory from the Chinese.The valley is now in the hands of PLA yet you continue to talk, strategize, argue-what a shame.Indecision, ambivalence will be your undoing.

  22. wjosoef

    very good article. Unbiased.

  23. Dhananjoy Das

    Beautiful observations. Nice post.


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