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Niraj Srivastava is a former Indian diplomat who was Ambassador of India to several countries including Denmark and Uganda. He joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1983. Srivastava was educated in India and abroad. He spent a sabbatical year at Oxford University, the U.K., where he studied international relations, international law, and international trade and finance. He graduated with honors in 1988. During his career spanning about 33 years, Srivastava has served in Indian missions in several countries around the world, including Syria, the United States, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Uganda, and Denmark. He has also held several positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi. Srivastava took another sabbatical year during 2001-02 at Georgetown University, Washington D.C., where he taught a course on international politics of South Asia to Sophomores. He was Associate Faculty at Georgetown. Srivastava retired from the Indian Foreign Service in Nov. 2015. He now lives in New Delhi and, among other things, writes on issues relating to international affairs. He also appears frequently on TV programs. He has written extensively on the war in Syria and US policy in the Middle East.

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