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Cdr KP Sanjeev Kumar (Retd) is a former naval aviator and Experimental Test Pilot. He graduated from the Air Force Test Pilots School in 2002 with the unique honour of being the first helicopter pilot and naval aviator to win all the top awards at Air Force Test Pilots School. He has participated in various rotary wing flight trials in India & abroad and also served as the first naval Test Flying Instructor at the IAF Test Pilots School. He has presented papers in various forums including Aero India, NFTS Flight Test Seminar, Heli Power Expo, Product Safety Seminar at Rolls Royce, CEMILAC, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, etc. KPS has flown over 4500 hours on 24 types of fixed & rotary wing aircraft including the latest Bell 429, Sikorsky S70B, AW139 and NFH-90. He has undertaken ship-helicopter dynamic interface trials of over 18 naval ships and afloat platforms and logged over 5500 offshore deck landings by day & night. His blog is widely read in the A&D circles. KPS consults on embarked aviation, ship-helicopter interface, indigenous development, safety and provides guidance to research teams involved in such activities. He is a published author with over 60 articles in national and international media, including top industry publications such as Rotor & Wing International (USA), VERTICAL magazine (Canada), Global Aviator (SA), The Quint, Shephard Media (UK), South Asia Monitor, etc.

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