LT GEN (DR) V K SAXENA Articles 3

Lieutenant General (Dr) V K Saxena is the former Director General of the Corp of Army Air Defence in the Indian Army. He has been decorated three times by the President of India for his selfless and distinguished Service to the Nation. The General is a former Distinguished Fellow at the prestigious Vivekananda International Foundation (VIF), Distinguished Fellow at Centre for Joint Warfare Studies (CENJOS) and a Visiting Fellow at Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS). He is also a United Nations scholar with an MPhil and a PhD . The General is a prolific writer. He has authored 5 books covering a diverse domain of subjects like air defence, ballistic missiles, United Nations and Human Rights. He gets published at the rate of 2-3 articles per month in various front- ranking defence magazines and journals, besides one can see him regularly on TV adding value through his participation in various professional debates. The General in his long and distinguished career in the Army, spanning over four decades has served in various command and staff appointments including active Service in Counter Insurgency environment in Jammu and Kashmir. Besides his busy writing and professional assignments the officer's abiding passion and continued dedication to serve the cause of uniformed soldiers has also drawn him to lead a Project dedicated to the families of our Forces Casualties and Disabled soldiers.

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