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Air Vice Marshal Anil Golani (Retd)

The officer was commissioned into the Fighter Stream of the IAF on 29 Dec 1982. Total Flying experience of more than 3000 hours which includes more than 1000 hrs of instructional flying. A Qualified Flying Instructor and an Instrument Rating Instructor and Examiner Fully Ops on the erstwhile Ajeet and Jaguar aircraft. Raised and commanded the first Harpy (Pechora III) squadron of the IAF. Commanded an Air Defence Direction Centre (47 SU) and an operational base (AF Stn Gorakhpur).

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  1. Col Sharad Joshi

    My compliments to AVM ANIL GOLANI for a superbly written article on The Need of the Hour for A Thorough Integration of Our Armed Forces alongwith the proper understanding of minds of The Top Most Leadership of our Armed Forces for a JOINTMANSHIP needed to achieve ONE OMMON GOAL of Defending The Motherland on All Fronts Always n Everytime ! And this can happen in a Best Manner … in a fast changing Technology n Strategy in the present times when the Top Leadership understands each other and groomed together at the Formative Years in the Armed Forces as Cadets in The NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY ! Very well n most timely written Article .Thank you Air Marshal Golani .


    A very interesting article. Despite being a civilian i did relish your take on the camaraderie among batchmates. All of them being from your batch made it all the more interesting. Every batch has a charater which is quite unique to itself. It seems to be the same in every field. ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ appears to be the character of this one. Peppered with some of my favourite quotes, you made it such an interesting read.
    While the training imparted to our cadets and the path they walk does make them into great soldiers to handle any aggression, it is the thousand seemingly innocuous self inflicted cuts that one must be vary of. I recall reading of ‘Operation Brasstacks’ (in 1999 i think) where we did lose quite a few men during the course of preparatory exercises with no contribution from the enemy. (I may be wrong here as i depend heavily on the printed media for my info, but you get the point).
    I loved the concept of ‘tour of duty and the underlying principle which is to bring about more discipline among the citizens. If there is one thing lacking among the general populace, it is a sense of discipline. If our band of brothers manages to establish a solid system of instilling discipline among the citizens of our country, there is no telling how far as a nation we would progress.
    My best wishes to your batch and looking forward to more articles from you.

  3. Anil Golani

    Thank you Col Joshi for your kind and encouraging words. It is the need of the hour and one only hopes that things move in the right direction. Thanks.


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