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  1. Sunbyanyname

    A well-balanced analysis. The inferences are sane and mature. Regrettably, sanity and maturity are not the hall-marks of the proxy war being relentlessly waged by the deep-state. So, my guess is that our spectacular surgical strike would be sought to be outdone by them by killing innocent civilians (including women and children) when we least expect, say, during the Diwali celebrations. They would achieve following: –

    1. Our ‘peaceniks’ so far haven’t put adequate pressure to “somehow resume talks” since only soldiers died and soldiers, as some ‘peaceniks’ keep reminding us are meant to die! However, the moment women and children get killed, these ‘peaceniks’ are expected to immediately quote Gandhi about an eye for an eye making the whole world blind!

    2. It would help Pakistan shift the focus from being labelled terrorist state to Kashmir.


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