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  1. Anand Dharmapuri

    Sir, Sincerely appreciate the depth and elaborate manner in which you have explained.
    We as a nation need to have a policy in place to address this Biosecurity to safeguard our citizens.
    This issue needs to be addressed at National level only. Wishing you all the very best.
    Warm regards
    Anand Dharmapuri anandsunali@gmail.com

  2. Ravindra Bhate

    You have very well dwelt with all the shortcomings currently in our system. Please elaborate on differences between Biosafety and Bio Security. Also are there any quality standards for current industries which are into manufacturing of Biological or biotechnology equipment? What specific measures and hardware with a scale to cover our population? I am sure you will set the ball rolling, if you’re able to spell out actionable recommendations with justification and communicate them through media or to appropriate ministries.

  3. Dr. KS Hooda

    Really you have highlighted the importance of biosecurity in Indian context. I have seen biosecurity system of Australia. There is urgent need to strengthen our biosecurity system at par with developed countries like Australia, Newzealand, US etc. I think we should sensitize political system which can help in developing strong system. Appreciate your vision of biosecurity in India.


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