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Author, thought leader and one of South Asia's leading strategic analysts, Nitin A. Gokhale has forty years of rich and varied experience behind him as a conflict reporter, Editor, author and now a media entrepreneur who owns and curates two important digital platforms, BharatShakti.in and StratNewsGlobal.com focusing on national security, strategic affairs and foreign policy matters. At the beginning of his long and distinguished career, Gokhale has lived and reported from India’s North-east for 23 years, writing and analysing various insurgencies in the region, been on the ground at Kargil in the summer of 1999 during the India-Pakistan war, and also brought live reports from Sri Lanka’s Eelam War IV between 2006-2009.

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  1. INDER RAJ Maira

    A very crisp and insightful write up on CDS. It was a long time requirement of the armed forces and for a militarily strong nation which hopefully will be met now. Kudos to Nitin A Gokhale for well analysed article

  2. Dr k prabhakar Rao

    There are many loose ends which are to be sorted out. There will be a crib about loss of civil supremacy to some extent and leafs to bickerings from civil servants. As it is services are invariably in internal conflict whenever a new chif is appointed. CDS will add to it

  3. Col retd Arvind Malhotra

    The post of CDS is unlikely to have a major strategic paradigm shift in the functioning of three services. The foundations of tri services cooperation &synergy are laid at the NDA during training & the Services Chiefs are all ex NDA officers who as it is enjoy a comraedire resulting in full tri service cooperation during an external or internal conflict as was evident in Kargil War & recent Balakote strike.
    The creation of CDS will bring in its wake only an increased inter service rivalry & respective Chiefs are not likely to brook any interference in their functioning. Besides the all pervading mistrust &rivalry between the Services & the bureaucracy is likely to further increase giving rise to functional & administrative difficulties. The Govt seems to be taking hasty decisions with an eye on political dividends rather on the efficacy & desirability of its actions in a true & logical manner.


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