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Lt Gen PR Kumar (Retd)

Lt Gen PR Kumar (Retd) served in the Indian Army for 39 years, He was the DG Army Aviation, before superannuating from the appointment of Director General of Military Operations (DGMO) in end 2015.

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  1. Anjur Krishnan

    Great analysis and insight, your two liner” ccp’s desire to stay in power is greater than becoming a super power without ccp” is a fantastic and true observation that must be internalized by the west and I see an opening and a weakness that can be exploited by USA, West and India to some extent. This can be effectively used to weaken the ccp structure internally. My two cents, first we must break the so called great ‘FIRE WALL” that ccp has around the internet, media etc. This wall is a porous wall that can be breached. Breach Weibo, Wechat etc . Exploit the discontent of the Chinese citizens. Bring Tibet, Uygurs, Inner Mongolia struggle to the world and to chinese citizens. Exploit the overseas chinese citizens in the west by letting them carry true information back to their countrymen. Overseas Chinese are extensive users of Weibo, wechat.
    Play the chinese game of Gao, hide your intention and bide your time payback time, reverse it back to Deng’s thought…


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