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  1. Rabindra

    This is a very timely article on the three major options for China to stamp its hegemony. China has abandoned its Grand Strategy somewhere in 2020 , before which it s diplomacy, military power and economic relations were all directed towards national security. Since 2020 , the world is observing a China which feels that national security and spreading its hegemony are inseparable.
    China’s strategy today seems to have lost its sense of purpose , a hallmark of its Grand Strategy and instead it is belligerent with focus on nationalism , stoking misconceived hatred. Till now , the world was seeing rise of a great power which was predictable as its grand strategy had a long term focus , in which stability in foreign relations was key. Today the world is confronting a China which is bent on stamping its hegemony , endangering its relationship with the world.

    Its nibbling actions in South China Sea , on LAC with India , Senkaku Islands are examples of its wolf warrior behavior, a key ingredient in its efforts to spread hegemony . The other ingredient is that of its Belt Road Initiative wherein under developed and developing nations are falling prey to easy access to loans from China , which they can ill afford to pay back and thereby seek to lose their autonomy and control of key strategic infrastructure nodes like ports .

    Today, all over the world , despite its generous help to even advanced nations to combat Covid 19 , its popularity is plummeting and nations are not sure about their relationship with China.
    Most recently the Chinese hegemony muted the response of all ASEAN nations , in their condemnation against the military coup in Myanmar and the civilian bloodshed that followed.
    In India’s neighborhood, China has a trenchant friend in Pakistan. Along with India, both these nations are nuclear armed and this makes South Asia possibly the most dangerous flashpoint in the world.

    1. Brig SK Chatterji

      Thanks. Very lucid comments.

  2. Air Cmde SP Singh

    A very well written piece of work. The topic chosen is so very apt, that once I started reading the article, every paragraph amplifies the thought, that you have articulated so well. Regards.


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