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  1. Kautilya

    This article is an excellent piece of delusion; just like the number of delusions the EU has about itself. The delusion starts very early on with the assertion that the EU and its member states largely handled COVID effectively and started speaking in one voice. Excuse me; but isn’t Sweden still on the solitary road to a herd immunity approach and therefore quarantined by the rest of the EU? Whatever happened to the cherished EU principle of no borders? Fighting with Britain to prevent border controls with Ireland; but imposing its own border controls on Sweden! On the condemnation of China for the Czech threat; did anybody miss the fact that most but not all EU nations voiced the condemnation? The one thing EU is notorious for, which the author also agrees early on; grandstanding with very little to show for it. Thus, EU releases a new strategy paper and then what does it do? Forget China, the EU has not done anything about the threat next door i.e Turkey; forcing Greek and Italy to fight the migration crisis on their own even as they struggle with the debt crisis and now COVID. Last by not the least; the reference to an article by Pratap Bhanu Mehta; a prolific writer on everything under the sun with expertise in nothing. Still waiting for PBM to write an article on Quantum Computing. All in all, this article is a liberal plea to take them seriously; and as far as it can be from being a serious article on geopolitics.


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