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  1. Rabindra

    China capitalised on India’s economic woes, compounded by COVID 19. It also found the powerful nations in the world reel under the COVID crisis and perceived that these nations will be mere by standers in their aggression in South China Sea , Hong Kong and against India .

    It’s aggression in South China Sea saw US respond by sailing two Aircraft carriers through this sea. In Hong Kong ,Britain – Australia have offered stay visas for residents of Hong Kong , encouraging them to leave Hong Kong and US has slapped fresh sanctions with the danger of Hong Kong losing its status as a leading business hub in the world.

    Against India, its actions made the French fast forward the delivery of the state of art Rafale multi role jet aircraft. US has supplied modern Small Arms and Apache attack helicopters . Russia has added more MIG 29 s and SU 30s to our Air Force fleet and also agreed to fast forward the delivery of S 400 Ballistic Missile Defence Shield.

    Not only has the world rallied behind India but Indian Army has more than proven that its a much professional force than PLA by successfully occupying Black Top and Helmet Top , both above 16 K feet , dominating the gap leading to Chushul and also the northern banks of Pyangyang So lake. This action has put Chinese in a bind . the use of Tibetan soldiers of Establishment 22 has rubbed salt to Chinese wounds.

    Though a Five point pull back plan has been agreed in the Russian initiated meeting of Ministers of External Affairs of both Nations , in the sidelines of SCO Foreign Minister’s meet at Moscow , India will not now ever lower its guard against China , until the LAC is converted and ratified as IB or may be even after that.
    The bottom line is that the Chinese cannot be trusted and its hoped that all law and policy makers will not forget this Chinese skulduggery for next 50 years and will from now on not only decouple from China but also establish manufacturing of essential products such as chemicals for drugs, PPE and so on . with in India.
    And also make India powerful in Economy and Military strength .Such that, China doesn’t trifle around with, at will.


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