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Maj Gen Nitin P Gadkari (Retd)

Maj Gen Nitin P Gadkari (Retd)

General Nitin Gadkari (Retd), had a distinguished career in the Indian Army which spanned 37 years of commissioned service. He was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery in June 1977. In his career span he served across the length and breadth of the country and abroad.

Read More About: Maj Gen Nitin P Gadkari (Retd)

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Sanjeev Sharma
Sanjeev Sharma
8 months ago

Difficult task for the government to balance demands of new equipment to secure our borders and at the same time to foster indigenous defence manufacturing. FDI is just one of those many steps that MoD has taken in recent past to promote defence manufacturing in India but results so far are not encouraging. We made a blunder by not involving private industry is developing defence technologies and remained over dependent on DRDO to do the job. Obviously we will have to bear the fruit of what we sow.

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