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Col RN Ghosh Dastidar (Retd)

Col RN Ghosh Dastidar is a Post Graduate from Madras University in Defence and Strategic Studies. He is a retired Mechanised Infantry Officer, with a vast and varied experience in the Indian Army of 38 years. He is a keen follower of Geo Strategic events around the Globe and a freelance journalist, in this field.

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  1. Col RS Sidhu

    An excellently researched write up, which logically gives out the strategic importance of the resource, China’s current stranglehold over it, and the way forward for the developed countries and India to secure their interests.
    Compliments to Col RNG Dastidar!

  2. Colonel K Ramachandran

    An excellent analysis.
    The author, Col RN Ghosh has analysed the topic of Rare Earth pragmatically. India, in the current scenario, hugely depends on China for its requirements. India hardly can afford such a luxury of depending upon China who controls a major stake in this field in the entire world. The author has cautioned that India must cater for sufficient reserves of Rare Earth minerals for its own use rather than depending on other countries for its requirements at critical times. A clear warning well in time.

  3. Shashank

    Great insight into future opportunities. We certainly need to develop a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to tap our resources and reduce worlds dependence on China.

  4. Colonel Vinod Kumar Sharma (Retired)

    An in-depth analysis of the strategic imortance of Rare Earth Elements in the world today and how the Chinese have established their stranglehold over its mining, extraction, refining and supply to almost all the nations. It’s high time that our government and industry also explores and exploits our own REE reserves on priority. The recommendations given by the writer in this regard are worth taking a note of. Compliments to the writer for drawing everyone’s attention towards this important issue and offering explicit suggestions to tackle this ongoing as well as futuristic problem of strategic importance.


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