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Maj Gen Harsha Kakar

Maj Gen Harsha Kakar was commissioned into the army in Jun 1979 and superannuated in Mar 2015. During his military service, he held a variety of appointments in every part of the country including J&K and the North East. The officer was the head of department in strategic studies at the college of defence management where he wrote extensively on futuristic planning and enhancing joint operations.

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  1. Khan

    Why should anyone care what India thinks? China built the Karakoram Highway in the 1960s and 1970s. India didn’t complain about it then, and now when the road is being overhauled, it’s too late to object. Besides, India’s objections ultimately do not matter except to exclude India from benefits of CPEC.

  2. Seth

    An informative and well analysed article by the General. Mores needs to be communicated to Pakistan highlighting the harm it would suffer with a partner with nefarious and expansionist designs. Pakistan is an independent Nation, China’s relationship with Pakistan should not be viewed by Pakistan as a force to counter India, it’s interest should take priority.China’s intentions and future plans with Pak must be analysed. Non returnable loans/grants under the garb of security and development to Pakistan will render Pak as a nation subservient to China thereby undermining the status, though negligible, that Pakistan presently enjoys. PAKISTAN BE WARE.


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