Maj Gen Harsha Kakar Articles 36

Maj Gen Harsha Kakar was commissioned into the army in Jun 1979 and superannuated in Mar 2015. During his military service, he held a variety of appointments in every part of the country including J&K and the North East. The officer was the head of department in strategic studies at the college of defence management where he wrote extensively on futuristic planning and enhancing joint operations. He served as part of the United Nations peace keeping operations in Mozambique, where he was involved in forays deep into rebel territory and establishing camps in mine infested areas. In addition to training courses in India he attended the National Security Studies Course at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto. He was the first officer from India to attend the course. Post his superannuation, he has settled in Lucknow where he actively writes for two newspapers, The Statesman and The Excelsior of J&K and for the online newsletters, The Wire and Quint.

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